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Imagine, being a startup from Sydney, travelling more than 24 hours to Eindhoven. Would it not be great to travel back with a pilot contract? John Pellow from Othera didn’t just land a pilot with ABN AMRO to test his blockchain asset solutions, he ALSO landed one with EY at the same time. This is just one example of business done during the HightechXL Impact Summit last week.

In total over 70 selected startups from 23 countries travelled to Eindhoven to participate in the Impact Summit, hosted by HightechXL and Get in the Ring. Both early stage and late stage startups presented solutions to the innovation challenges by corporates like Philips, EY, ASML, ABN AMRO bank and NTS Group. Some to start a pilot right away, others to join the HightechXL accelerator program first to develop their product further or get more funding. Startups, corporates, and industry experts had 977 half hour meetings spread over 3 days to explore business opportunities.

Guenther Hoffman – Founder of Lexatexer (EY Pilot winner):

“So many conversations, very detailed and valuable feedback it was an utmost valuable event for my company. It would have taken me forever to meet so many people from different departments by myself.”

After the 3 day program, 19 startups got selected for a pilot with one of the corporates, and 15 startups were selected for the accelerator program. Doing a pilot is not just about landing a corporate client, but also about validating products and services and opening up new markets.

The following startups will start a pilot project with one of the corporates to prove their solutions work:

Akonihub – Cash management
Biomodex – Enhancing clinical training through 3D-printing
CancerAid – App to empower cancer patients and caregivers
Demystdata – Data gateway
Forwardlane – Smart investment brain
Ginimachine – AI powered credit scoring platform
iSono – Innovative breast cancer screening
Joboti – Chatbot to increase employee engagement
Kuveda – Personalized cancer care with better tools for oncologists
Lexatexer – Next gen predictive analytics
OPT/NET – AI based analytics platform
Othera – Blockchain asset solutions
PayKey – Social payment keyboard add-on
ShieldPay – Instant digital Escrow service
Sofitto – Blockchain bankcard
Solidware – AI driven data management – Turning Human process into AI
Tender Armor – Fraud prevention solutions
Traderion – Virtual learning bank

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