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 For the Get in the Ring Global Meetup 2022, we are bringing 26 leading startups to The Hague for dealmaking meetings with our selection of governments and industry leaders. Meet and be inspired by the 26 leading startups in the domains of Food, Water, and Agritech:



Solution: Mechanization of agricultural operations, specifically for cereal production. 

Through its services, Africereal Group simplifies agricultural operations, contributes to the reduction of post-harvest losses and improves the production and income of small producers.


Agrisim (The Netherlands)

Solution: Agricultural land optimization services based on data. 

The software proposes the best crop to plant on a given parcel, with regards to the anatomy of the soil, and climate; all complemented with satellite imagery. The solution gives insights into timing and crop management, relative to the current state of the yield and other external factors.


Agritrack (Greece)

Solution: A platform for collecting and streamlining food information with the use of AI and IoT.

Its goal is to reduce food loss by assuring a transparent value chain journey, offering real-time decision-making on food quality using Machine Learning and Imaging Technologies. With this, the solution enables active monitoring from farm to fork, in every step of the process


Atfield Technologies (Serbia)

Soltion: Vineyard Monitoring

Provides vineyard management solutions. They have developed a hardware device that combines advanced data modelling with tailor-made hardware. The device is equipped with autonomous sensors that measure air temperature and humidity, precipitation, and wind parameters.


Bio2Coat (Spain)

Solution: Natural Food preservation
Created a semi-permeable barrier that controls respiration rates and mass loss of foods, prolonging shelf and use lifespans. It hence strives to provide eco-friendly conservation methods.


Bread Free (Spain)

Solution: Gluten Free Flour
Uses Biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence to manufacture gluten-free wheat flour suitable for celiac people. They incorporate sustainability, using agro-food industry by-products in their process. They are working on the first commercially available wheat flour.


Datlo (Brazil)

Solution: A geo-intelligence platform using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence techniques to help companies find market opportunities based on location. 

It analyses geographic areas of interest according to population, businesses, and infrastructure to provide insights for potential expansions: mainly consumption potential.


DigiFarmz Smart Agriculture (Brazil)

Solution: A digital platform providing intelligent recommendations for the management of soybean-related diseases. 

To provide farmers with optimal information to aid decision-making for optimal treatment, the solution provides analysis based on more than 30 parameters such as location and climatological information, alongside the real-time input of agronomists and consultants. 


Elucid (Germany)

Solution: Supply Chain responsibility

Build and implement technology to assess, report and mitigate the risk to human rights associated with sourcing goods and services. With their solutions, you can improve the health and livelihoods of producers in your supply chain and increase your impact, boost sustainability and enhance compliance reporting.


Essmart Global (United States)

Solution: Distributor of life-improving products

They distribute life-improving products intended to build a network of grocery shops selling socially impactful goods. The company’s products include lighting, solar home lighting system, cooking products, reusable water filter, farming products, and electronics that include tablets, off-grid mobile phone chargers, and rechargeable batteries, enabling local shop owners to become active selling points of innovative, impactful products in their communities.


Health food iberica (VERDEO) (Spain)

Solution: Solid fatty ingredients from olive oil for the food industry. 

Their olive-based solution creates unsaturated technical fats to replace unhealthy saturated fats such as coconut or palm oil. 


Ingredalia (Spain)

Solution: Natural functional ingredients for industry from plant by-products. 

Their patented technology extracts valuable glucosinates from unused plant material. These components are then distributed to serve different applications such as in cosmetics, feed (human and pet) and pharmaceutical use.


Innomy (Spain)

Solution: Alternative Protein

Dedicated to developing alternative protein food based on mycelium. They use fungal cells and tissues to achieve the structures without further processing and no additives. Their product is high in protein, immune boosting, high in antioxidants, cholesterol free and anticarcinogenic. Their fungal tissue replicates the texture of meat without the need to use binding polymers.


Karma Kebab (The Netherlands)

Solution: Plant-based kebab meat. 

They are made from local (Dutch) vegetables and grain, promising a sustainable meat alternative that also has many health benefits due to its low concentration of saturated fats.


Krekerij (The Netherlands)

Solution: Cricket-based proteins

Offers food products based on crickets and grasshoppers. It offers burgers, shawarma, meatballs, and more. All products have a high protein content and are a source of calcium, zinc, and vitamin B12. The company claims these animals are bred for taste and quality in collaboration with local cricket and grasshopper breeders.


Kumasi (The Netherlands)

Solution: A Natural soft drink made from cocoa juice, a by-product of the cocoa industry. 

Their operations hence lead to the valorization of a waste stream and provide 30% of revenue for local cacao farmers. They currently have a juice and a sparkling offering. 


Les.scietist (North  Macedonia)

Solution: Uses a variety of techniques to give certain attributes, such as texture, appearance, and taste, to foods. 

The techniques used to recreate certain attributes in food include spherification and maceration. They thrive to cross boundaries for food applications and utilization.


Lumetallix (The Netherlands)

Solution: Utilize specialty reagants to make poisonous lead glow

Developed a lead-finding reagent. Since lead is toxic, even short exposure to small concentrations of lead can already lead to severe and permanent damage, in particular for small children. The first essential step to prevent lead poisoning is to find where lead is present. This startup makes finding lead simple.


Mimic Seafood (Denmark)

Solution: Plant-based seafood alternatives. 

They mimic popular and commonly overfished proteins such as tuna, offering plant-based alternatives similar in taste and texture. Their product range also offers an alternative for eel, with new products to be introduced soon.


NetWord Agro (Brazil)

Solution: Predictive technology to identify damage to a plantation before it happens.

They use electrical conductivity sensors to identify the need of the soil and to propose tailored management solutions and predictions to prevent the presence of pests, diseases, and weeds.


Ondo Solutions (Bulgaria)

Solution: Automated Drip Irrigation

Provides automated drip irrigation management solutions and services. It also offers plant nutrition and climate control solution. The products include both hardware and software.


Oscillium (Spain)

Solution:: A smart label, which when placed in contact with food provides real-time information about quality and safety. 

The label simply changes color according to the state of the product, It can be used on a variety of protein products, including meat and seafood such as fish and shrimp.


Sibö (the Netherlands)

Solution: Creates a variety of biomaterials from insects. 

The latter can vary from water-soluble alternative proteins, lipids, and antioxidants; with a focus on biopolymers. Their operations support sustainable objectives, alongside creating an ethical supply chain of insects from rural providers.


Sophie’s BioNutrients (Singapore)

Solution: A sustainable plant-based protein made out of microalgae. 

Microalgae are grown in tanks and can be fed with various food wastes and by-products from the agro-industry, over a cycle of 3 days. The end product has a 60% protein constitution, serving as a viable alternative to conventional protein sources.


Terra Motion (The United Kingdom)

Solution: Unique wide-area land motion maps provide the ideal source for site-specific reports on ongoing and historical ground stability and subsidence risks.

Their technology is applicable in a range of established market sectors including planning, insurance and engineering surveys but is also opening up significant new markets in support of efforts to stem climate change, to detect signs of modern slavery and in the assessment of dangerous earthworks.


Quevana (Vegetaleso) (Spain)

Solution: Vegan cheese made from cashew nuts, Himalayan salt, and probiotics. 

The solution is organic, providing benefits for the environment and planet alike. Quevana already have a variety of product offerings, including smoked and truffle cheese.


Global Meetup 2022

It is time for this year’s participating ventures to come together at the grandest showcase of unconventional solutions; Global Meetup 2022! After the pandemic, it is exciting to have this year’s Global Final physically in the headquarters of innovation and global impact, The Hague. More than 100 startups will be joining the event to meet the investors, pitch their solutions Get in the ring style, and compete for the “Global Winner award” 2022. 

We are excited to see all the ventures in The Hague! Stay tuned for more exciting startups from other domains. 

Get in the Ring is all about identifying promising startups with innovative solutions from all corners of the world. Active in over 100 countries, we aim to shine a spotlight on bold founders ready to make an impact with their solutions. By matching them with corporates and industry leaders through dealmaking meetings, we ensure founders find traction in their markets.