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In 2016, fossil fuels were the source of about 81% of U.S. primary energy consumption. Burning fossil fuels, such as coal or crude oil, creates a problem for the environment, depletes Earth’s natural resources and affects the ecosystem and animals. That’s why it’s so important to find ways to reduce energy consumption or find alternative solutions to energy generation. However, this may all seem distant and too vague for everyday life. 

That’s where we come in. We want to help everyone understand the effects our energy consumption has on the planet and how you can help make a difference. There are loads of really cool innovations solving this issue, and our opportunity with Strukton is giving these innovators a platform to scale.

By reading this blog, you’re not only learning about ways to save the planet, you can also save money. What’s there to lose?

1 – Physee

Physee is here to solve the problem of energy generation in buildings. Since we spend almost 90% of our time inside a building, and these consume 40% of the global energy demand, there is an urgent need to rethink how energy is being generated to this building and how to save money.

Physee develops PowerWindows, completely transparent windows that are able to generate energy. They apply a coating to the outside of the windowpane that collects the light rays rather than reflecting them, with the solar cell strips within the window itself then converting it into electricity. This way the building itself becomes an energy generator. It also helps reduce the energy consumption by locally optimizing the building’s climate with a smart sensory system.


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2 – Moodnode

Moodnode wants users to experience light in a completely different way and help save up to 12% in energy bills. It is an IoT control system that controls the entire light of the house via an app. Users can control the dimming of the lights, change the mood of the environment and turn lights on and off remotely.

This helps save a lot of energy in the house and create awareness. Their energy metering teaches users about their energy consumption, their carbon dioxide footprint or simply their daily habits.

3 – Solargaps

Solargaps is a revolutionary product and can help save up to 70% in energy bills. They are the world’s first smart solar blinds, that automatically track the sun and generate solar energy. That way, people can produce their own energy to charge their devices with, saving a lot of money on energy bills.

They believe green energy should be available for everyone. “I have a vision that one day our energy will be free and the home will not be connected to the grid, but the grid will be connected to the home”, says Yevgen Erik, CEO.

4 – Wattsun

Wattsun is developing a modular, mobile, plug and play power station. The company’s mission is to bring smart green energy to places where it is unavailable. There are no cables attached and it can be used immediately. The capacity can also be easily adapted to the user’s needs, just stacking some packs.

It’s portable, robust, designed for indoor and outdoor use and delivers uninterrupted energy. The founders’ dream for the future is to change the use of energy in off-grid situations by creating attractive, innovative products that focus on usability and sustainability.

5 – Origami Energy

Origami Energy wants to create a future where energy is cheaper, greener and more secure and where smart technology manages supply and demand in real-time. Their technology manages and remotely controls distributed energy assets to access the most profitable current and future value opportunities.


Are you an innovator with a solution in the areas of heating and air cooling systems, water heating systems, smart maintenance of pipe systems, energy absorbing roofing and/or window technologies, insulation technology, lighting technology, blinds technology, (big) data solutions focussed on efficiency, sensor technology, building management systems, efficient cleaning or cleaning prevention systems or electrical energy storage?

Then we have an opportunity for you! Improve energy savings in public buildings with Strukton.