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Excited by witnessing the recent growth of Get in the Ring 2017 global winner Hargol Foodtech, we decided to further explore the local food tech ecosystem in Israel. Out of intensive screening, Get in the Ring Tel Aviv is giving 6 promising startups the opportunity to gain exposure and win a ticket to the Global Meetup 2021 in Montreal. Let’s get to know them.


Skyx is an agricultural-robotics technology company enabling modular swarms of autonomous spraying drones (simply put: push a button and send drones to spray farmland). Our innovative “spots spraying” swarming can turn crop scouting imagery to variable-rate applications. This reduces dramatically the amount/cost of chemicals and increases environmental safety.


Insects are a promising source for sustainable, alternative protein for the food and feed industries, vital to ensuring the wellbeing of a growing human population. But in order to make a true impact, insects have to be produced at an industrial scale, all year long, and in a stable manner. With its proprietary technology, FreezeM creates the only viable way to generate a steady output of larvae to insect protein factories worldwide, enabling them to create for the first-time stocks of ready-to-use insect eggs – a solution corresponding to agriculture seed production.


allerguard is the only food allergy detection device that analyzes the vapors of your meal, alerting you to any allergen particles down to the maximum level of allergens allowed by the International Food Industry deemed safe for consumption. Other portable detection devices require you to take samples of the food which means that allergens can be missed.


Bumblebee is an AI pollination solution for crops in which pollination can limit crop yields, such as avocado, kiwi, almonds, blueberries, cocoa and more. Bumblebee enables growers to increase their revenue by enlarging yields in existing crops and improving fruit quality. Our vision is to provide the first AI-based pollination solution that addresses each crop’s pollination needs by mimicking the natural pollination process and enhancing it using technology.


Vinsent is a two sided digital marketplace bringing together wineries and wine lovers, cutting out the middle layers of the supply chain, developing direct connections between winery and consumer, and bringing trust to the global wine industry.


Seedwiz is a world-leading GIS/ AI platform, which enables the farmers to select the optimal plant variety seeds and supports direct trading of seeds between the farmers and the seed companies. The platform provides a comparative matrix based on analysis of the genetic potential of the vast seed varieties, combined with the farm location, environmental conditions, growing season, means of production, market segment, resistance to diseases and more. Seedwiz collaborates with the leading seed companies. The product properties are being uploaded and maintained to the Seedwiz database by the seed companies using an online interface with standardized crop templates. The users’ traffic accumulates on the platform database (statistically and anonymously) and enables predictive analytics for the entire industry.