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Canada is not only known for its nature, snow and maple syrup, but is also in the top 10 best countries to launch your startup. The moment of getting your startup off the ground, is the start of a rollercoaster ride! However, startups need to gain funding and build a network, which is much needed for accelerated growth. The Get in the Ring competition offers the solution for your startup to do this!

Get in the Ring: Not your average pitch-event
Imagine yourself, standing in a boxing ring, battling head-to-head with other startups to be Canada’s most promising startup. Picture an enthusiastic crowd, existing of investors, business leaders and fans who can give you access to capital, talent and expertise. Winners of Get in the Ring Canada get an opportunity to compete at the Regional Final of Northern America in Mexico in February 2016. If you win in Mexico, you will compete at the International Final during the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Medellin, Colombia!

Apply now!
Do you see yourself standing in the Ring? Can you pitch in five 30-second rounds on your team, achievements, business model/market, financials and a freestyle round to be the most promising startup of Canada?
Apply here before January 18 for an opportunity to join our global pitching competition!

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