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After an energizing kick-off at Get in the Ring The Netherlands – Impact, the next destination of the six-city Impact Competition is Berlin. In collaboration with ImpactCity, Unknown Group, Berlin Partner and Startupnight.Get in the Ring Berlin – Impact kicks off with the Dealmaking Day on November 19 and a finalist pitch battle broadcast on December 1. We challenged German impact startups in the domains of food, water and energy to rise to the occasion of meeting the growing needs of our population within the planets’ limited means – and German impact venturers answered in droves.

Without further ado, here are the 18 leading German impact startups that have been selected for dealmaking meetings with our network of corporate scaling partners and investors:

Boreal Light GmbH designs and manufactures affordable solar water desalination systems for off-grid communities around the globe.

Circunomics is a cloud-based IoT platform that digitizes the life-cycle of billions of batteries to create a circular battery economy.

Clean Energy Global GmbH provides smart swappable batteries and Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) for B2B customers by licensing an energy econsystem for e-mobility and energy transition.

Crocus Labs builds smart lighting systems that enable indoor farms to increase profits in a sustainable way.

Envio Systems developed an end-to-end smart building system which provides commercial building owners with a suite of IoT tools to digitally connect, analyze and optimize the monitoring & control of their facilities, without disturbing any existing infrastructure.

instrAction GmbH provides a resin material which can be applied in drinking water filtration, in process and wastewater treatment and in recovery of metals, in particular traces of precious metals from liquids.

KRAFTBLOCK builds universally applicable high temperature energy storage systems to recycle waste energy and to perform sector coupling.


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Lite+Fog GmbH develops a new process for the cultivation of plants on textile carrier materials using fog as advanced irrigation methods.

MOWEA GmbH produces modular micro wind turbines that enable its users to have efficient, affordable and scalable wind energy at all times.

OLOID Solution GmbH offers solutions for treating waste water and liquid media using agitation and aeration machines.

PlanA.Earth GmbH provides a Carbon Manager SaaS platform for B2B that calculates company emissions through automated data collection processes, monitors emissions over time, and creates tailored reduction plans for businesses.

Saving Grains 301 GmbH builds the AirBnB for food storage in Africa which enables rural entrepreneurs to start crop micro-warehouses and collaborate with smallholders.

SunPlower Propeller GmbH harvests renewable energy from the wind, sun and water sources using a compact scalable propeller hub which enables businesses to deliver products and services even in remote location.

Tracks GmbH leverages big data and artificial intelligence to help the logistics industry reduce environmental footprint and increase efficiency.

Ü Impact provides “Sustainable Investment as a Service” by building a B2B2C solution to mainstream sustainable investments.

urbanfresh is a hyperlocal indoor vertical farm which grows natural tasting, fresh greens and brings them closer to people.

Wasser 3.0 gGmbH counteracts global water pollution with micropollutants by removing microplastics from water in a sustainable, efficient and affordable manner.

Congratulations to the 18 chosen startups! To dive deeper into what we see as impact, check out our Exploration Model on the Impact Competition homepage.