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Global warming is one of the biggest challenge we are facing in today’s society. This topic is increasingly being discussed in political circles of the world’s largest nations. It is clear that the human effect on the environment is far from being sustainable and the moment when it will be too late to counter climate change is approaching fast.

Challenge Statement: As nations are seeking to limit their greenhouse emissions by implementing more renewable green energy solutions within their industries and cities, there are still many challenges to be solved. Those are associated with generating sufficient green electricity to power our way of life. As innovation is powering sustainability, it is important to continuously support their development to find the optimal solution to power our cities and industries.

Scope for Innovation: There are many alternative energy sources that we can implement that will ultimately have a huge effect on the environment around us and bring us closer to finding sustainable ways of living the lives we want to live. Big topics in the alternative energy sector include generating electricity using wind power through the installation of large windmills. Ultimately, this source of alternative energy has very high installation costs associated with it and is not flexible to implement close to cities. Moreover, solar power is another alternative energy source that has existed for many years and has become commonplace to have on the roofs of your home to decrease your electricity costs. Similarly, solar power encounters many challenges that it requires high installation and maintenance costs.


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Solution of the Week: Bioo Technology was founded in 2015 with the mission to merge nature and technology through innovative solutions that improve quality of life. The company has an innovative vision to lead the shift towards a greener future, where sustainability is the central axis, and technology the main tool to achieve it. Bioo Technology is generating electricity by using nature and is aiming to implement these solutions in smart cities and agriculture industries. The solutions include living installations which allows lights and sound to be powered completely by plants and is activated by interacting with the environment. The company is currently conducting research and development into generating electricity from the environment to supply power to gardens and parks in cities. Even if the company is in the early stage, it has already being recognized by Google as the most disruptive startup of 2016, as well as winning several other prestigious innovation awards.