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After travelling throughout Europe to find the boldest impact makers that are able to meet the growing needs of our population within the planets’ limited means, the last destination in the Impact Competition, powered by ImpactCity and Unknown Group, is Copenhagen. With 13 shortlisted startups that are making great strides in the food, water, and energy domains, we came down to the final two solutions. In an unconventional food battle between a sensing-device to tackle food waste from AmiNIC and a robotic solution for vertical farms from seasony, Jeanette Hvam and AmiNIC conquered the champion jury’s attention and emerged as the most promising Danish impact solution. Together with Exowave, the public’s favourite solution, they will join the brightest impact makers at the Impact Final in The Hague, where they will compete for a convertible loan of up to €500k.Β 

AmiNIC ApS, theΒ pitch battle winner, is developing and commercializing a handheld sensor that measures freshness, and predicts correct expiration dates of meat and fish.

They make an impact by replacing costly, faulty or subjective solutions like microbial analysis, rule of thumb, and human smell used by the industry today. Current methods result in overcautious behaviour and excessive waste of high value and highly polluting products. Their solution can potentially save 7% of greenhouse gas emission from food waste.

Exowave, theΒ public voting winner with just less than 1.000 votes, is a CleanTech company with the vision of making fresh water and clean energy available for everyone. The company has developed and patented a wave energy converter (WEC) that is low-cost, highly efficient, fully modular and scalable, based on a submerged, robust and simple design that ensures extreme survivability and easy maintenance.

Their impact: The WEC generates hydraulic energy that can produce freshwater by adding a reverse osmosis system. Additionally, it can also generate green electricity by adding a hydro turbine.

The final word goes to the champion jury members who joined us to accelerate impact solutions. For their support, meaningful opportunities, and insightful feedback to the finalists, we’d like to thank: Katelijne Berx (Nordics Sustainability & Category Manager HelloFresh), Vadim Smolenkin (Senior Global Innovation Manager Arla Foods), and Fredrik Tukk (Head of Innovation Scouting Maersk Drilling)

To watch or (re)-watch the pitch battle showdown, see:

Coming next is the Impact Final in The Hague! Have you missed one of the city events, but you want to expand your impact and battle your way to a convertible loan of up to €500k? You can apply for the Online Selection where our Superconnectors will provide critical feedback and nominate top impact startups to compete against each other in a public voting showdown. For more information, visit the Impact Competition page.