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Today, we reveal the leading startups that are caring for the future and have been invited to attend Dealmaking Day 3 at the Global Meetup 21 — to explore collaborations with leading corporates, investors and governments from all over the world. Out of 25,000 startup applications from 107 countries, these startups are all winners from various Get in the Ring regional events held over the last calendar year. Get inspiration from amazing ventures, and use your vote to help give your favorite solution a global podium by voting here. Together with the jury members, the public will select the two finalists that will share their solution worldwide during the Global Final Battle livestream on April 14


Scylla (USA)

Scylla is a real-time threat detection system. They monitor real-time video streams to predict violent behavior and identify acts of violence using AI, computer vision, and machine learning.

Solution: Their system allows clients to identify, analyze and respond to threats quickly and accurately. Thus, response teams are able to take immediate actions to reduce the number of victims from violent crime, active shooting events, and terrorist acts.


Stell Dir V(o)R (GER)

Stell Dir V(o)R is a startup that creates an Extended Reality (XR) Motivation, Learning and Talent Platform for nursing homes, hospitals and schools.

Solution: Stell Dir V(o)R offer family caregivers a mobile app that makes it easy to create AR-enhanced video instructions themselves using their smartphone. These videos are for their own private us, within the private family or for openly sharing in the community.


Elitac Wearables (NLD)

Elitac Wearables develop wearables from idea to commerically viable products, in collaboration with partners from the medical, safety, defense and sports sectors.

Solution: The booming market of wearable technology is quickly securing an important role in every industry. This technology is transforming lives, businesses and the global economy. For example, their BalanceBelt is a health & well-being wearable that uses haptic feedback to help patients suffering from severe balance disorders find their balance and regain their independence. (IND) is leading the future of process compliance. Their Artificial Intelligence-powered technology uses existing CCTV feed to detect, capture and report any events from standard operating procedures (SOP).

Solution: Organisations today are challenged with implementing the business/operations guidelines specific to each country in which they operate. Process compliance is critical in any industry. Wobot’s platform provides pre-trained checklists and tasks built on global industry-specific standards and guidelines for the food and beverage, hospitality, retail and manufacturing industry.



BIOPIX DNA TECHNOLOGY offer portable diagnostic devices.

Solution: Their devices are intend to alleviate personal suffering and control disease outbreaks. Doctors, healthcare providers, patients or even end-users can benefit from their technology, in both developed and developing countries, regardless of financial status, geographical location or training.


Flamingo Filter (FRA)

Flamingo Filter support brands to integrate Augmented Reality in their communication means, by providing the technical, creative and strategic knowledge they need.

Solution: They have created the first Augmented Reality courses for professionals, paid and sponsored by the government for the attendees.


Seyu Solutions (HUN)

‘Seyu’s solution allows fans to remotely get involved in matches and motivate players on the pitch in real-time.

Solution: Users can take selfies, add motivating messages and post them in a branded frame on all screens in the stadium before and during sports matches.


MOTEN Technologies (FRA)

MOTEN provides breakthrough innovations for the non-invasive assessment of muscle condition

Solution: Their mission is the prevention of injuries and muscle deterioration dedicated to people operating in physically demanding environments: operators, professional athletes, military infantry, firefighters.


SnoreFree (AUT)

SnoreFree® is the a health app that offers a highly effective anti-snore training based on simple speech therapy exercises. Their smart, logopedic anti-snore gym for lips, tongue and throat with personal coaching is an innovative approach on the health app market for the therapy of nocturnal respiratory flow disturbances through targeted muscle training.

Solution: Their app can significantly increase sleep & life quality within a few weeks. This anti-snore-gym strengthens the immune system, improves pronunciation & treats snoring painlessly & naturally.


nQ Medical (USA)

nQ is a computational biotechnology company that captures digital phenotyping, passively, through AI-aided analysis of personal device interactions.

Solution: They have developed digital biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease in early and newly diagnosed/untreated stages of disease — ambient telemetry for early detection, remote disease progression monitoring, and measuring the impact of prescribed therapy (drug, device, or CBT).



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Zafty Intelligence (AUS)

Zafty is a behavioral intelligence company that has created a passive mental health monitoring tool. Our predictive technology is aimed at providing early intervention for mental health events.

Solution: Mental health is a worldwide issue and Zafty is assisting people to cope through tough times.


Hishab (BGD)

Hishab is an AI startup company that offer voice-based user interface solutions for people that are is illiterate, have no smartphone or internet connectivity, or without IT literacy.

Solution: Through their solution, anybody can input the data by voice through telephon network.



MOLCURE provides next-generation drug discovery platform utilizing AI, biotechnology, and robotics.

Solution: Their service enables customers to design superior drug molecules that are difficult to obtain with conventional methods. MOLCURE is able to discover molecules with 14 times greater diversity. By using their service, pharmaceutical companies can increase number of candidate molecules, shorten drug-discovery process period, and reduce research & development cost.


GGM – Board Games (GEO)

GGM is a board game creator and publisher company.

Solution: They offer games in which everything depends on your judgment and ability to use the best strategy you think will help you to win the game, thus bringing happiness to groups of people.


Hipe Kids (FRA)

Hipe Kids provide digital one to one English lessons to children with native teachers. They train all their teachers to a communicative and multi-sensory methodology and all lessons can lead to a Cambridge English certification.

Solution: Lack of english proficiency closes doors to international work. They benefit children with a methodology based on self-confidence, with a communicative approach and lessons that are fun and interactive. On the other hand, parents receive a solution that is flexible, affordable and leads to recognised qualification.


LetMeCare (VNM)

LetMeCare’s mission is to provide reliable, timely, and safe house care services by using a mobile application (HouseCare) that is working similarly to the UBER/GRAB application.

Solution: HouseCare could be seen as an on-demand-house-care service application.


Oncompass Medicine (HUN)

Oncompass Medicine are developing AI technologies to choose the most effective targeted therapy for cancer patients.

Solution: They leverage AI technology under the form of a medical device that chooses the right targeted therapy.


6Degrees (ISR)

6Degrees is an AI-powered motion based wearable device for Tele-Rehabilitation that enables full-autonomy for people with disabilities.

Solution: They enable people who lost fine motor skills/dexterity due to disabilities or injury accidents to use smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices while providing real-time motion-based insights. Thus, enabling employability, reducing paid care, and providing remote rehabilitation on long term.


Bingli (BEL)

Bingli is an app that interviews the patient in a smart way ahead of the consultation, thus symptoms can be accurately communicated to the doctor. The patient is better prepared and the doctor wins valuable time, which will ultimately lead to better healthcare.

Solution: Their AI-powered chatbot asks patients 70-100% of the doctors questions ahead of the consultation. This empowers patients to answer at their pace and from the comfort of their home. Doctors can then proceed with the consultation better informed and save valuable time. Additionally, they show the doctor an overview of the possible diagnosis and thus offer them decision support.


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