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The tables have turned. Where normally thousands of startups worldwide ‘get in the ring’ to pitch their hearts out, now for the first time ever, politicians will battle in the Ring to show that they have the best startup policy. To avoid long winding arguments we have our bell in place, it will be an energetic and fast-paced debate.

This March, Dutch people will elect their new government. That’s why we invited seven of the biggest political parties of the Netherlands (VVD, CDA, D66, PvdA, GroenLinks, SP and Christen Unie) to enter the Ring and pitch their plans to strengthen the Dutch startup ecosystem. On stage they won’t be able to dodge the critical questions from the startup- and scaleup panel and an audience of entrepreneurs. It’s time for the politicians to be in the spotlight, and give the knock-out pitch!

This unique startup election debate will be hosted by HRH Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau and TV-presenter Hella Hueck and takes place at B.Amsterdam on March 9th at 17:00. The event is organized together with B.Amsterdam, StartupDelta, Sprout, RTLZ and Accenture. To join this (free) event you can subscribe here or check the live stream on RTL Z.

PS: the event will be in Dutch only