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In 2014, Spot on Sciences started its Get in the Ring experience in the United States by winning in their Regional Final North America and qualifying for the the International Final in Rotterdam. Jeanette Hill (CEO of Spot on Sciences) delivered a great pitch about their product on the main stage and her business ended up among the top 4 startups in the world!

The Spot on Sciences product – HemaSpot, a device for self-sampling and robust storage/shipping of blood samples and now disrupting current methods such as venipuncture.
How does it work? Very simple: Spot on Sciences uses a finger stick to collect dry blood within a protective cartridge. Once the blood is dry, the sample is stable and can be shipped safely. The device can even be labeled with a unique bar-code for identification. Once HemaSpot arrives in the lab it can be used to complete 90% of all medical tests – all from two drops of blood!

We spoke to Jeanette Hill about her Get in the Ring experience.

How was your overall experience at the Get in the Ring competition?

I met founders from all over the world who had brought their disruptive ideas to life. This made for an unforgettable and inspiring experience, especially as we were all early-stage entrepreneurs. I also received valuable advice from the coaches and judges. As the winner for North America I got to take home an authentic heavyweight belt, some cool wooden shoes from the Netherlands and a cash prize, so the overall experience was terrific!

How do you think Get in the Ring was different from other competitions in which you participated?

It was a challenge to hone my pitch into the Get in the Ring format of 20-30 seconds… Other events give you at least 1-3 minutes, so this forced me to keep the delivery sharp and focused. Pitching in a boxing ring and “sparring” face-to-face with another entrepreneur was also a first for me. The unique setting definitely brought an aura of excitement and energy that is riveting to watch and even more fun to do compared to other competitions.

Get in the Ring also provided opportunities for all the competing startups to meet, exchange feedback and network. At the international level, the entrepreneurs were given a tour of Amsterdam and even rang the bell to open the oldest stock exchange in the world!

Did you gain benefits by participating in the Get in the Ring competition?

Get in the Ring’s international focus put my company in the spotlight on a global scale, resulting in fantastic media exposure. This attention and positive PR has put Spot On Sciences on the radar of investors and customers, which is invaluable. The entire experience has delivered important business connections and an expansion of my network which is critical for growing the business.

Do you have any advice for future participants of Get in the Ring?

Make sure you practice your pitch and take the advice of the coaches. They know what the judges are looking for, which will help if you want to win. Bring passion for your disruptive idea and have a solid elevator pitch.

Would you like to have a Get in the Ring experience like Jeanette Hill? Do you want to give your startup international exposure? Apply here for Get in the Ring United States!

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