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In collaboration with Get in the Ring and IF Technologies, Dunea invited nine startups from six different countries to propose their solution to our recent challenge. The opportunity, heating tap water safely at lower temperatures, challenged startups to propose an innovative sustainable solution to combat the soaring energy levels involved in lowering the temperature of warm tap water in our homes.

After individual startup introductions and multiple rounds of speed-date-like discussions, Dunea announced the winner of the challenge: H2O Technics!  H2O Technics is a Dutch family business engaged in the distribution and maintenance of H2O Nano cavitation systems. Their product has proven to be successful for years in multiple fields of industry, and their future collaboration with Dunea might prove their product to be applicable in more fields than H2O Technics thought of themselves beforehand. H2O Technics is run by two brothers Jan-Willem and Kees Boersen, sons of co-founders Johan Boersen and Nina Hanssen, together with their nephew Sander Boersen.

We spoke to the winners just after they received the news. Here’s what they had to say…

Congratulations! Did you expect to win this challenge at first?

Kees: No, not really. We have actually never participated in an event similar to this one but were curious about whether organizations active in different industries could apply our product to their problems. Today truly convinced us that our product it is applicable in more fields than we ever imagined beforehand. We actually expected Dunea to reach out to us to tackle a different issue than presented today, so hearing we won the challenge caught us completely off-guard.


What is your impression of attending this challenge?

Sander: The day was incredibly well organized. Especially the planning and the table sessions, the fact that you are able to speak to individuals active in different sections of the organization separately, was really valuable. In a short period of time we were able to discuss various aspects of our product. Additionally, the location was incredible! The stunning view on the 40th floor of the building was rewarding and inspiring.

What is the reason for the success of your product?

Kees: The technology involved is based on the generation of Nano cavitation, stimulating the implosion of microscopic vacuum bubbles created by resonators. As far as we know, H2O Technics is the only company in the world supplying this type of product, which justifies it being referred to as revolutionary. The combination of this innovative technology and the broad range of markets it can be applied to resulted in the successes obtained so far.


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Jan-Willem: We still consider ourselves as a young and developing company, as we took over the product in 2016. The inventor of this product started in 1988, but he never truly scaled the product to its true potential. We started a collaboration with the inventor since we saw the hidden potential of the product. At this point, it’s applicable in the fields of aquafarming, aquaponics, legionella resistance, offshore, and many more. Since 70% of the world consists of water, and as many issues in the world actually regard water, we knew that this product could be successful!

Do you already have a clear vision of what the collaboration will look like?

Jan-Willem: We’re not sure what the collaboration will look like tomorrow onwards, but we do have a solid idea of the value we can add to the current processes of Dunea. Until now we have been involved in larger projects. It’s interesting to see during a day like this that, in contrast to our B2B perspective, our product can also be key in the process of the installation of the heat pumps in homes of the public. A day like this gives you a broader view of the possibilities of your product. We will look into possibilities for our product to be the solution to the main concern of the challenge. However, we do envision a long-term collaboration, as a large number of issues in the water branch can be solved implementing our product in the system. We can’t wait!

For more information on the overall challenge and a more in-depth story on what happened on the challenge day, check out this article.