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The variety of startups part of Get in the Ring Vienna shows how complete healthcare research in Austria is. The 6 startup finalists presented solutions focused on different sectors, targeting both health institutions and end consumers. Curious about what these startups offer? Check them out.


Snorefree is the 1st health app that offers a highly effective anti-snore training based on simple speech therapy exercises. Their smart, logopedic anti-snore gym for lips, tongue and throat with personal coaching is a unique approach on the health app market for the therapy of nocturnal respiratory flow disturbances through targeted muscle training.

Akribes Biomedical

Akribes Biomedical is developing “HealPredictor”, the first diagnostic assay platform to enable personalized medicine of chronic wounds, an area of high unmet medical need. The assays are designed 1) to predict the response of individual chronic wound patients to pharmacological treatments, and 2) to serve as companion diagnostics to new drugs in development. Using this platform, Akribes identified drugs with so far unknown potential for chronic wounds, which they aim to bring to the clinic together with partners. The goal is to identify the right drug for the right patient.


Contextflow develops deep-learning based tools to help improve radiologists’ daily clinical workflows. The core technology is a 3D image-based search engine called SEARCH designed to help save time and money while increasing reporting quality and confidence.

Medicus AI

Medicus is a fast-growing ambitious company committed to bringing health literacy and positive behavioral change to patients and users everywhere by building innovative tech products that transform businesses and improve people’s lives. Their mission is to contribute to today’s continuously evolving healthcare industry by changing the way doctors and patients think about health.


Novasign offers modeling solutions to accelerate bioprocess development and optimization and increase process data understanding. Their goal is to speed up bioprocess development to ensure earlier market entry of new drugs.


Easycarb is developing the first complete nutrition tracker for people with diabetes. It consists of a smartphone app and a dedicated portable Bluetooth scale, which seamlessly provide the patient with a complete nutritional breakdown of any meal with unparalleled precision. Easycarb also provides personalised insulin dosage recommendations, customizable reminders, includes a rich food database and generates activity reports for physicians, resulting in improved health outcomes and quality of life.