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This week, we are looking at emerging technologies dedicated to women in the femtech market. About half of the world population will deal with this issue at some point in their lives: menstruation pains.

Problem Statement: Roughly 90% of women experience different discomforts in their period such as stomach pains, bloating, pain in the lower back or weakness around the thighs. These pains can obstruct or limit women in their daily activities or work. And even though these physical issues have been around for ages, an innovative solution to counter them has not yet been found. We can achieve incredible things with technology nowadays, in healthcare as well. But the best known remedies until today for this problem are still a hot bath, laying down, or putting a heat pad on your stomach. Even though these solutions might alleviate the pains, all of them either take time, or require you to stop with your daily activities, study or work. And in 2021, menstruation side effects should no longer have to form an obstruction in women’s daily lives.

Scope for Innovation: Luckily we have been experiencing the rise of the femtech industry. This ‘female technology’ refers to software, diagnostics, products and services that apply technology to improve women’s health. Recent examples of innovative solutions brought by this industry are fertility trackers, specialized nutritional supplements and smart tampons. But an innovative solution to counter the discomforts of menstruation was not present. Until very recently, when two Hungarian women decided that it was time for a wearable that would alleviate menstruation pains. And not only should it relieve pains, it should also be able to track and evaluate one’s menstruation.

That is when Alpha Femtech was born. An early stage startup from Hungary, founded in 2020 by Anna Zsofia Kormos and Dora Pelczer. They created the Artemis, a body suit designed to relieve and measure a woman’s menstruation. It looks not much different than a bathing suit, but has innovative applications that can change a woman’s life. The Artemis, named after the Greek goddess of the moon, releases heat and vibrations around the stomach area. It also connects to an app, that provides insight and feedback about their period pain and helps women to learn about their bodies. This information can also help gynecologists to diagnose endometriosis, a painful disorder. Besides alleviating the pain, a major benefit of this product is that it can be worn anywhere at any time and does not have to obstruct anyone in their daily activities. The treatment is also adaptable to one’s preferences, since the intensity of the pain relief can be adjusted.

So this might be the first real innovative step into countering menstruation pains and relieving different discomforts women deal with every month. Even though it is still very early stage, tests have shown promising results; 40% of the tested females experienced a decrease in their menstrual symptoms, such as bloating, low back pain, and weakness around the thighs. This effect even persisted after the use of the device. While it might still be some time away before Artemis is ready for use, a big step has been taken towards a pain-free menstruation and a worry-free period.