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Representing Belgium in the Global Final Battle – in the red corner we have Erik Verdeyen and QpinchTheir mission is to create carbon neutral energy by leveraging the untapped potential of waste heat. The impact? A 50% save on your industrial energy bills, together with substantial emission reduction. 

The QPinch heat transformer is a breakthrough heat pump for the process industries with applications in the petrochemicals, food & beverages, paper & pulp industries.

Solution: Their heat transformer helps save over 50% on energy bills by capturing, transforming and delivering heat as new energy.

Valuation Category: Heavyweight++ (> $30,000,000)

Awards Won: Emerging Technologies Award Royal Society of Chemistry 2015.


100+ events and 25,000 startup applications from 107 countries - it all comes down to the final two. Catch the livestream at 2PM GMT on April 14.

Selected out of a thousand startups, Erik and Qpinch are competing against Pedro and Omniflow in the Global Final Battle on April 21. In this battle of carbon neutral energy heavyweights, we have the winner of our Lisbon event versus the winner in Antwerp. Reserve your ringside seat to find out firsthand who will win

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