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Hosting almost 2000 startups and welcoming more and more entrepreneurs each year, Hyderabad has quickly become a major startup hub in India. Through close collaboration with local and national governments, incubators and accelerators, Indian startups have all the necessary tools to prove, scale and grow their solutions. As part of the Workforce Augmentation competition, we are excited to present the most promising 5 finalists that are flourishing in Hyderabad’s startup ecosystem:

Beebox Studios

What They Do: Beebox Studios is a company working on 3D visualisation solutions using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Web3D solutions.

Why their solution matters: Beebox Studios provide solutions for multiple industry clients, majorly OEMs, from design phase to after sales phases. They create highly realistic 3D models that can be visualised using a smartphone or tablet, without the need of high end computers or special headsets.

Infiction Labs

What They Do: Infiction Labs is a robotics company dedicated to automate operations and maintenance of a solar power plant. They design and develop automation solutions to solve real world problems in a simple and robust fashion.

Why their solution matters: Their mission is to completely automate the operations and maintenance of solar power plants through a more effective and 3x times cheaper solution.


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What They Do: Pinmicro is a global provider of IoT-based Real Time Location Solutions (RTLS) ranging from high-precision BLE hardware beacons to enterprise-scale cloud native applications.

Why their solution matters: Their solutions accelerate digital transformation across various business domains including retail, education, manufacturing, event management, O2O, facility operations management and smart workspaces.


What They Do: Square offer Virtual Reality based technical training solution, including headset, wearable gloves and tailor made content, for the training and up skilling of the blue collar workforce and front linke workers in the job floor and manufacturing companies for the up-skilling and re-skilling of their blue collar workforce.

Why their solution matters: They assist manufacturing companies in the development of their employees.

Wobot Intelligence

What They Do: Wobot solve one of the biggest challenges in surveillance by leveraging AI to analyze data in the form of videos.

Why their solution matters: CCTV surveillance requires manual monitoring which is inaccurate and time-consuming reducing CCTVs to a mere post-mortem tool. Wobot helps businesses make sense of this data using AI making system capable of self-surveillance. Wobot’s AI platform automates SOP adherence and compliance checks by deploying a layer of Artificial Intelligence on your CCTV infrastructure.


Congratulations to the 5 selected startups! VOTE for your favourite leading Indian Workforce Augmentation solution from December 9 to 16 and help them get connected to industry leaders and access investment opportunities.