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The finalists that have competed in the International Final Medellín:


LIK -Morocco- An app that gives you phone credit in exchange of targeted, contextualized and geolocated ad receptions. Interview

BIODENCELL -Colombia- Has a dental stem cell bank to repair damaged tissues (e.g. burned skin) and solve immunologic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Interview

DOT -South Korea- Designed a braille smartwatch, which gives blind people access to affordable education and effective communication. Interview


SPEAKEZ -Israel- Unites the power of social networks with its patented technology to provide a platform where people can speak using their language of choice. Interview

AQUANOS -Israel- Has a unique wastewater treatment technology and process, which produces high quality of effluent while utilizing a fraction of the energy required by conventional wastewater treatment plants. Interview

ONOFF App -France- Allows users with their app to instantly add multiple phone numbers on their own and other smartphones. Interview


SOLARIZEGYPT -Egypt- Is created to address Egypt’s energy crisis by providing an alternative to conventional power. Interview

CHOOSIC -UK- An app for music to find the songs you love. Swipe right to like and left to dislike, simple! Interview

ADFIRECREATIVE M3DIA -South Africa- Delivers high impact 3D illusions that will create hype for any brand. Totally flat art that looks 3D street chalk artists. Interview

NEWTECHRAIL -South Africa- Developed a lightweight and arc free section insulators for railways. Interview

CLAIMCOMPASS -Bulgaria- Helps air passengers receive their deserved compensation for delayed, concealed or overbooked flights. Interview

FIRELAYERS -Israel- Deploys cloud application security to ensure that your organization core is secured, controlled and compliant. Interview

NEARST -UK- NearSt is on a mission to get people back into local shops. They make it easier for shoppers to find and buy products from shops nearby, than it is to order those same items online for delivery. Interview

SYMME3D -Romania- Developed high resolution 3D printing. Interview

SQUIRL -USA- Has a location-based book discovery app with which you bump into real world locations from captivating novels, life changing biographies and thrilling mysteries. Interview

ESTAFFMATCH -Canada- Has an online marketplace connecting event staff (servers, bartenders, supervisors) with event organisors without the middleman. Interview

SHAKE4HELP -Bolivia- Has an application that generates an alert message, getting your current location and sending this message to your family, friends, or directly to the police, when shaking your phone in an emergency. Interview

ALGRAMO -Chile- Establishes wholesale relationships with manufacturers to buy the products in bulk, and market these through Algramo dispenser machines. The consumer buys the Algramo container once and then saves on packaging. Interview

SMARTDELIVERY -Sudan- Provides free delivery of fresh vegetables, fruit and meat of high quality and low cost by buying directly from farmers. Interview

AISLATUM -Mexico- Is aiming to help reduce global warming by ‘cooling’ cities through its patented technology resulting in perfect temperature isolation. Interview

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