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Yesterday, during Get in the Ring the Netherlands, ASML, KPN and APM Terminals announced that together with Get in the Ring, they will be challenging startups worldwide. The most relevant startups will secure a pilot contract to implement their solutions, with the goal of scaling up in the future.


During the day-program of Get in the Ring the Netherlands 300 startups had a total of 600 speed dates with over 50 corporates; a great way to get to know each other and create leads for follow-up meetings. Challenges takes this one step further. Regardless of where startups are based, they can grab available opportunities presented by specific business units of corporates around the world. As it is clear what you can expect from the corporate if successful (a pilot contract for example), the barrier of entry is low. The entire process between applying and securing a pilot project can happen in just two weeks.



It’s not all rainbows and butterflies when corporates and startups start working together, it remains a risky business. That’s why we are looking for startups with proven solutions, applicable to the specific innovation need. Although more and more startups and corporates are starting to speak the same ‘language’, they are still from two different worlds that need to come together. That is why we work with incubator and accelerator programs like HighTechXL. They provide the support for startups that have relevant solutions, but aren’t ready to scale with the corporate just yet, helping them achieve this quicker.


Three opportunities

So what are these Challenges that KPN, ASML and APM Terminals have announced? KPN is looking for AI solutions for business intelligence, ASML is looking for high tech manufacturing solutions, and APM Terminals is looking for smart logistics solutions, applicable to the port area. It’s not that simple of course, you can read more specific info on these opportunities at