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The second battle of the grand finale of the Global Startup Competition was between fiskaly and Pixel Display. It was a fierce battle, and the audience saw two inspiring entrepreneurs give all they had in the Ring. In the end, the Champion Jury Member gave the victory to fiskaly, a startup that claims to be experts for fiscalizing electronic record keeping systems and digital receipts.

It’s a very cool experience to participate in a B2C driven show with a shark tank approach”, said the CEO of fiskaly, Johannes Ferner.

The contender, Pixel Display, came very close to the victory. They have an artificial intelligence eye examination solution using mobile photography. It can test up to six different eye refractive disorders in less than 10 seconds using a smartphone. 

Global Meetup 2019

For Johannes Ferner, the Global Meetup 2019 was an experience different from any other. “The whole experience around it is great, it’s awesome to connect to so many people. It’s mind-blowing how effective Get in the Ring was to get so many people from different countries to come”, he said.

But it was a lot more than only that. They also made connections that will hopefully move their business forward. “We had several very good talks with potential investors. I’ve met a few potential business angels from all over the world. Everyone was open and shared their experiences of failure and success”, explained Johannes. 


fiskaly is a system to record all the business cases receipts and manipulations, store it and process it in the legally correct way. They do not only serve as a national compliance layer, but also give the power to leverage this national compliance and build a value-added service around it. In one sentence, fiskaly makes entrepreneurs pay their taxes on their receipts easily.

Future plans

The future for fiskaly seems bright. They want to expand to Germany. “It’s a challenging and exciting time ahead, the combination of entering a new market, going through certification, getting the first new customers in – keeps us busy and on excited!”, said Johannes.

For those startups in doubt whether or not to join, the CEO of fiskaly says the decision is a no-brainer. “Watch the video of last year, have a look at which corporate partners and investors are attending, and your decision should be made easily. It’s one of the rare opportunities to meet like-minded people, investors, corporates and share experiences”.