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The second edition of Get in the Ring Moldova was held on the 20th of November in Chisinau hosted by GEW Moldova. After a selection during the day 4 finalist got the chance to Get in the Ring in front of the audience. It was a unique event with music, dancing and strong battles between the startups. The four finalists Voiser Consulting, Fentury, Energy Solaris and Vibi Suspenders battled for a spot in the final round to win the National Final of Moldova. The winner secures a ticket to the Regional Final of Eastern Europe in Bulgaria on the 14th of January 2016.

The winners of the first two battles – Energy Solaris and Fentury – faced of against each other in the final battle. The tensions was high during this battle, even the jury deliberated needed extra time to choose a winner. In the end Energy Solaris was selected as the winner. Energy Solaris offers a product named Air Solaris, which is the first 4-in-1 solar air system for slow-cooking, fruit-drying, space heating and ventilation.

Erik Parsons, a Co-founder & CEO of Energy Solaris said: “The competition of Get in the Ring was very exciting, full of emotion and stress, but with a large dose of fun. The teams had to think fast and make their presentations in a more innovative and attractive format. Our competitors were good and our competition was nerve-wracking.”