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What is the most stressful life event? A divorce, starting a new job, a relationship breakdown? Although these are all quite stressful, it seems like, for many people, moving house debunks all of these and comes out as the most anxiety triggering experience. In a recent poll, two thirds of people put moving house on top of their stress list. So can how this experience be easier? The answer is always innovation. These startups are working to make moving a pleasant and stress-free moment.

Moving house is difficult not only because of the financial costs, but also because it represents such a huge shift in a person’s life. From the known and comfortable to a completely new and often scary reality. Not to mention having to change everything, from telephone provider to general practitioner. Luckily, innovators out there are aware of these difficulties and working towards solutions that can reduce stress and make life a lot easier.

1. SimplyMove

Getting a new house includes a lot more than just finding the perfect place to live. You often need to renovate it, find the right energy and gas providers, get insurance and so on. Days and days of long research, looking for the best prices and services, can be very draining. That’s where SimplyMove comes in.

They offer a free concierge service that helps users find more than 70 products and services, such as removal quotes, utility vehicle rentals, contract transfers and new contracts, energy and internet, home insurance, cleaning, child-minding, DIY, renovations, furnishing solutions, equipment, useful information, etc.

Their goal is to save time and avoid stress. Through their digital platforms users can access their account, the history of their requests, geolocated local offers and tips and tricks to organize their new life.

2. Topia

Companies are often faced with a big challenge, they want to make their team more global and want talent from all places of the world. However, the whole moving process is hard for them and for the new employees. But it does not have to be like this.

Topia removes barriers to talent mobility so that companies and their employees can work everywhere. They connect expatriate management, tax calculations, immigration data, logistics, cost and quality of life information into a single Global Mobility Management Suite that enables mobile employees and agile organization.

That means employees can work everywhere, turning business into something truly global. Their unified global mobility management suite provides the tools, services, and data that help companies effectively leverage mobile talent.

3. Proportunity

Buying a new house can be quite challenging. How can you be sure that in a couple of years your house will have gained value instead of decreased? Proportunity has created an algorithm that looks at data on house price movements and macro data about locations and districts, and uses it to forecast future valuation movements.

The machine learning programme can figure out what does and does not matter in the movement of different types of property, something on the outskirts of London or a £1M+ house in a regeneration area. For instance, it can look at areas that have gentrified, see how prices shift, over what period and what other inputs change in that period, to determine what’s important and what factors correlate with value changes”, explains CEO Vadim Toader.


Moving to a completely different country is even more challenging than your regular move. It first involves finding the perfect job, then arranging a visa, finding the perfect house, and all the challenges that come with that. is a one-stop platform to explore countries and find tech jobs abroad with verified relocation packages. They basically take care of your move entirely. They promote a relocation package as an integral part of any company hiring from abroad and the tech industry as a whole.


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They have successfully supported over 150 developers worldwide from Australia to Sweden, Brazil to the Netherlands, France to the Czech Republic, in their job relocation. helps expats with adaptation tips, a real estate agent, finds temporary house, rental deposit support and a lot more.

And if you have solutions that can collaborate on the smarter use of data for home services, then we have an opportunity for you.