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Munich stands out for the strongest economy in Germany. Being home to leading corporates, state of the art universities, and research institutions, Munich is an emerging startup ecosystem which attracts more and more entrepreneurs. We challenged German startups that are ready to make physical work safer, healthier, and more productive. Check out the 14 leading workforce solutions shortlisted to participate in Get in the Ring Munich – Workforce Technologies:


AUCTA enables industrial clients to harness the power of their data to build, manage and deploy 3D instructions anywhere, at any time. Instructions can then be used by employees or clients to solve challenges that might arise.

Solution: With their live-communication feature, moderators can quickly switch to “live-mode” to support people who need context on top of the content already provided.


AR-Experts provide Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for industrial use. Their GIRI app allows users to quickly create “on-site” AR content – tackling content creation which is one of the main challenges which slows the implementation of AR systems across company’s operations.

Solution: AR represents an immediate boost in a company’s operations: worker training, manufacturing, maintenance, do-it-yourself instructions, and field service operations. AR-Experts’ software enables companies to create AR-based user-generated content in a matter of seconds.


BLUQUIST is a people analytics and human capital enterprise platform. They offer aggregated and validated services for the critical use cases of Talent Selection, Talent Development, Team Development and Organizational Development.

Solution: On BLUQUIST, customers can find a selection of the best validated personal assessment and evaluation tools to inform critical company functions. They optimize the bottom line of their clients by accelerating hiring and improving retention.


bitvox brings personal voice assistance to the professional sector to transform the way blue-collar employees work. Their cloud-based headset is designed for noisy environments to ensure clear voice pickup and optimal hearing protection even in extrem conditions.

Solution: Their solutions support employees with voice control, voice-based documentation, information retrieval, and working instructions. Machine Learning Algorithms analyze the collected textual data to visualize underlying process information, reveal hidden correlations, and suggest process improvements.


evoach is a self-coaching platform which is using chatbot AI plus proven gamified coaching methods to enable personal growth at scale for employees. Their mission is to democratize access to digital coaching by providing the option to create an own an AI powered coaching software.

Their solution is boosting self-efficacy, loyalty, and innovation. Coaches and/or the HR department can use evoach to digitize repetitive tasks, and increase employee coachability.


FORMATION provides collaborative maps to empower location-based workforce. From simple factory outlets to the most advanced technology setups with comprehensive digital twin solutions, integrating the workforce into digitalized value chains is key for industry 4.0 readiness and the next-generation Smart Manufacturing.

Solution: FORMATION bridges data silos in the process and manufacturing industries as well as logistics and integrates companies’ most important assets – their workers. offers multi-language blue-collar worker onboarding, training, and performance support solutions for industry-leading safety and compliance, productivity and quality.

Their solution allows to easily document and keep occupational policies and best practice standards up-to-date. These can then be shared with permanent and temp workers as automatically translated, trackable, video-like experiences on mobile devices, enabling training and upskilling at scale. And thus accelerate a culture of engagement and problem-solving as well as continuous improvement.


iCombine connects employees in an organization to matching project roles, training and peers. Their software is boosting the project team fit, reduce time to staff projects, optimize people utilization, and maximize employee retention.

Their solution combine skill management, team planning, time scheduling, and talent development in one collaborative software solution to establish an expert network within an organization. Therefore, iCombine makes experts’ skills, interests, and availabilities visible.


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Innential is an employee education platform that is optimizing learning budget spending and skill development process. Their software provides hyper-personalized learning paths using market-available learning resources (e.g. online courses – Udemy; books – Blinkist).

Besides upskilling and reskilling of the workfroce, their solution saves time for HR and employees, manages purchasing, invoicing and accounts for every learning resource available on Innential’s platform.


Molteo is enabling construction companies to connect all parts of their project and resource scheduling process.

Their solution ensures that the worker is engaged to improve on projects and source demand directly to third-party marketplaces for material suppliers, machine rentals, and financial players.


VisionLib is a computer vision-based augmented reality tracking Software Development Kit (SDK) for industries, which customers from around the globe use to recognize and locate objects using the camera of smartphones or tablets. Twyn is their turnkey software solution for inspection tasks which transforms iPads and tablets into powerful tools for quality assurance.

Their solution is easy to setup and is suitable for manufacturing products with small quantities and high variations. Using the camera, components are registered and automatically compared with the digital twin superimposed in the image.


WORKERBASE is managing maintenance workers by assigning work to people with the right skill level, and upskilling the workforce with training-on-the-job.

Their solution is a quick app builder which is increasing employee productivity in manufacturing. They support customers to digitize manual work processes, and enable users to intuitively find replacements for cumbersome processes.


ReAct is a software company that develops and operates a communication platform for digitalization and control of work processes on the shop floor. They improve process flows and generate data that can be used to rethink processes on the floor.

Solution: ReAct’s “Call To Action” platform helps the industry to build a human-machine ecosystem that makes communication a driver for operational excellence, better process understanding and successful data-driven process transformation.


WearHealth helps industrial companies to improve workforce safety, health and productivity by mapping workload and providing actionable recommendations with AI and wearable-driven recommendations.

Solution: Companies can save costs and increase productivity by empowering workers and augmenting occupational safety and health monitoring.


Congratulations to the 14 shortlisted startups! The winning startup will join the brightest changemakers at the Workforce Technologies Final during the Global Meetup 2022, and will get access to the Unknown Group Workforce Technologies venture engine — our co-innovation network where we connect solution providers with the network of 30+ affiliated industry partners.