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We are excited to reveal the names of the 5 start-ups and 5 scale-ups that have made it to the finals of the New Energy Challenge 2021, organized by Get in the Ring, Rockstart, YES!Delft and Shell, for European and Israeli entrepreneurs.


We called on entrepreneurs who are developing solutions that could be vital to meeting future energy needs worldwide. Out of an overwhelming number of applications, 22 companies from all over Europe and Israel made it to the shortlist. After intensive interviews with the shortlisted teams, we’re very proud to announce our finalists. Find out how our top 10 start-ups and scale-ups contribute to finding more affordable solutions to reduce emissions and change the energy industry:



Be inspired by cutting edge technologies from all over the world and stay up to date with the latest opportunities for startups.

Scale-up Track (SHELL Ventures)

Neuville Grid Data (United Kingdom)
Clarke Simmons, Matt Hanley, Chris Gentile, Jessica Francois & Maitreyee Dey
Neuville Grid Data is a developing digital infrastructure technology that will enable the electrical power sector to improve the performance of its assets thanks to advanced analytics and high-resolution data. The company provides grid operators with high-resolution data to better manage grid stability problems that arise from new electrical load types (such as next-generation heating, electric vehicle charging, etc.)

Everimpact (United Kingdom)
Mathieu Carlier, Alain Retière & Jan Mattsson
Everimpact helps cities and industries measure, reduce, and monetize their greenhouse gas emissions. The company uses an IoT software that combines satellite, ground sensors, and AI data to establish cities’ carbon footprint. As a result, cities can certify their energy emission reductions and find high-profile carbon offset buyers through Everimpact’s digital platform.

FlexiDAO (Spain / Netherlands)
Alvaro Guzman, Simone Accornero, Grzegorz Bytniewsky & Joan Collell
FlexiDAO is a cleantech start-up providing software solutions and advisory to help companies reach zero-carbon energy goals. The company collects energy certificated and metering data through its integration with data hubs, certificate, registries, and grid operators to check where energy is coming from. FlexiDAO also helps companies increase credibility in their energy reporting which eases the auditing process.

Teraloop (Finland)
Ted Ridgeway Watt
Teraloop is a revolutionary electrical energy storage technology developer, scalable to play a critical part in a decarbonized energy system with a focus on EV fast-charging and distributed energy systems. Its system operates in synergy with renewable generation assets, balancing the natural variation of supply and demand. By enabling a fully renewable electricity generation system, it can safeguard the world’s resources for future generations.

Zeigo (United Kingdom)
Juan Pablo Cerda, Paul Massara & Laurent Segalen
Zeigo is a climate-tech platform that connects corporates, looking to go green, with renewable energy generators. Using data and smart technology to cut through the complexities of clean power procurement, Zeigo helps companies find the best zero-carbon solution for their energy needs. The company also provides a competitive price solution, being 75 percent cheaper than traditional energy consultants. 


Start-up Track (GameChanger)


Porous Liquid Technologies (United Kingdom)
Tony Bastock
Porous Liquid Technologies Ltd is a spin off company from Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Liverpool with a support group of experienced business and technical associates. The company uses novel Porous Liquid technology to reduce and remove CO2 from post combustion and biogas. This efficiently lowers the carbon footprint in a cost-effective way.

Coval Energy (Netherlands)
Frank Schreurs
Coval Ventures develops ground-breaking CO2 reduction and utilization solutions that use CO2 as a feedstock rather than a waste product. Since its inception in 2015, Coval has developed two technology platforms, Colyser and HyAPC, that it is now looking to commercialize to a technology licensing business.

Geyser Batteries (Finland)
Stefan Strohmayer
Geyser Batteries offers high-power heavy-duty energy storage solutions based on novel proprietary water-based electrolyte and unique engineering and manufacturing. The heart of Geyser Batteries’ innovation is in its patented and proprietary ECR (ElectroChemical Recuperator) technology, which is a successful combination of a battery and a supercapacitor in one single electrochemical system.

Supercritical Solutions (United Kingdom)
Luke Tan, Mike Russ, Gaiel Gobaille-Shaw & Matt Bird
Supercritical is developing the world’s first high-pressure, ultra-efficient electrolyzer, to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water, with zero emissions. By using heat and pressure, the company’s proprietary design allows it to exploit the benefits of supercritical water and deliver gases at over 200 bar of pressure, without the expense or challenges of hydrogen compressors. With this, Supercritical can deliver the lowest cost of pressurized green hydrogen.

RIFT (Netherlands)
Mark Verhagen
RIFT (Renewable Iron Fuel Technology) was created to transform energy intensive industries (district heating, industrial processes, and electricity plants) into clean and circular energy users. The company implements iron fuel technology by using iron fuel as a circular process in which iron powder is used as a medium for energy storage. The company is moving forward towards developing its first commercial system in 2023.