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We kick off the Get in the Ring Impact Competition with Get in the Ring The Netherlands – Impact on October 27 and 29, as a part of our main partner ImpactCity‘s ImpactFest 2020 (get your ticket here). For this event, we challenged Dutch impact startups in the domains of food, water and energy to rise to the occasion of meeting the growing needs of our population within the planets’ limited means. We’re amazed, but not surprised by the number of innovative solutions that applied from The Netherlands – after all, combining innovation and science to solve prevalent issues is ingrained in the Dutch DNA.

Without further ado, here are the 28 impact startups that have been invited for dealmaking meetings with our selection of investors, corporates and governments – of which, the best four startups will compete in a global livestream pitch battle on October 29:


Be inspired by cutting edge technologies from all over the world and stay up to date with the latest opportunities for startups.

Ampyx Power enables access to untapped wind resources through ease of transport and installation of utility-scale systems, reducing carbon footprint by 50% and materials by 90%.

Billie Wonder develops a line of cloth diapers made out of hemp which is a high absorbing, sustainable material with anti-bacterial properties.

Botanic Bites produces vegan convenience meals with long shelf life without using E-numbers.

Burgs Foods transform insects into high quality, nutritious food products with in-house processing methods. Their Co-Founder, Sander Peltenburg was recently on the air with us for the Unknown Stories podcast, check out the episode here.

CaribAlgae produces biofuel from algae biomass grown in local wastewater and flue gasses on Curacao. 

CELLiCON created the innovative G2 Technology to seperate biomass into low cost and recyclable green materials – NanoCellulose & Clean Lignin – which can replace existing fossil fuel based plastics, polymers and coatings.

Circularise enables sustainable practices on a mass scale by promoting reliable and standardised information on material flows and composition.  They build circularity, transparency and traceability tools to help companies achieve their sustainability goals.

Ecochain Technologies helps companies to turn their environmental data into business opportunities, enabling them to be more sustainable and efficient.

Field Factors BV develops Bluebloqs, a scalable, circular and nature-based system that collects, treats and reuses stormwater for irrigation, active groundwater management and cooling.

FOODLOGICA supports food companies such as food producers, catering and food e-commerce to solve logistic challenges related to last mile distribution.

Hamwells design and produce sustainable shower systems that save up to 50% energy.

IM Efficiency works toward making heavy-duty logistics fully sustainable by harnessing the solar power to lower fuel consumption.

iwell produces affordable, sustainable, smart batteries which are available for lease.

Karma Kebab creates sustainable, cruelty-free and plant-based street food.

Kitepower BV develops innovative and cost-effective alternatives to existing wind turbines by using kites to generate electricity.

Koffiechase develops an alternative product for the gas infrastructure, incentivizes and connects consumers with the recycling process of coffee grounds reducing the CO2 emissions and gas consumptions.

Odd.Bot helps farmers to create nutritious, healthy and affordable food by offering lightweight farming tools and swarm robotics.

PATS Indoor Drone Solutions automates insect control for horticulture with bat-like drones that detect and eradicate flying pest insects in air. 

QuinteQ Energy B.V. introducing the world’s most advanced Flywheel Energy Storage Solution, developed by the Boeing Company, brought to market by QuinteQ, made in the Netherlands.

RanMarine Technology BV specializes in the design and development of industrial autonomous surface vessels (ASV’s) for ports, harbours and other marine and water environments, which can clear plastic, bio-waste and other debris from waterways.

REDstack BV develops the Blue Energy technology, which can sustainably generate up to 12% of the Dutch power demand in a sustainable way. 

reNature works on making Regenerative Agroforestry mainstream by empowering global farmers & corporates transition.

Sibö provides solutions for the food industry, ranging from food ingredients (e.g. alternative and sustainable proteins), to sustainable packaging and biomaterials.

SolarDew develops a new solar water purification technology specifically for treating brackish/saline water or chemically contaminated water. 

SOLHO BV develops the SPRHOUT, a cost-effective renewable solution to ensure the energy self-sufficiency of greenhouse farms.

StoredEnergy BV creates energy storage systems from used e-scooter battery packs. 

The Helia B.V. designs, builds and manufactures portable solar generators with the aim of replacing existing diesel generators.

Willicroft makes sustainable, plant-based cheese.