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Sounds like something only seen in the Matrix right? Well it might be possible at the corporate banking branch of ABN AMRO Bank within a 100 days! 22 selected startups flew in from 13 different countries to meet with the bank and explain how they could disrupt the corporate banking environment. Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Cyber Security, all bases were covered.

ECONIC, ABN AMRO’s acceleration hub supported by HighTechXL, was the driving force behind the Challenge and the final event that took place last week. 98 startups applied as they believe they could and were eager to start a pilot with ABN AMRO to disrupt its corporate banking strategy. 22 startups were invited to fly to Eindhoven to talk business 1-on-1. Based on these meetings, not 1, not 2, but 17 startups were awarded with a pilot to be set up in the next 100 days! If the pilot is successful, the projects will be scaled up within the bank.

Although the startups flew in from all over the world, they didn’t think twice to jump on a plane. As Abhinav Aggarwal, Co-Founder & CEO of whos live demonstration in the Ring convinced the jury to award him with a pilot contract, put it:

“It just made our lives a lot easier. The process typically takes six months within a bank and we were now able to do it within 24 hours, so that’s ideal for us.”

It’s a bit of a cliche when we say that everyone was a winner, but it’s the only way we can describe it. And who knows, you soon might be able to open a bank account within 30 seconds with just your own face and ID card! Want to know who all the winning startups are? Want to get in touch? Send an email to and we’ll put you in contact!


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BigChainDB  – Scalable blockchain database
Boxever – Customer Intelligence Cloud for marketers
Cashare AG – Loan marketplace
Certo Escrow – Online payment solutions
Coinfirm – Compliance and verification platform
Fluid AI – AI and deep learning predictions
Heat Ledger Ltd – Scalable blockchain p2p / decentralized applications
NFCOM – VR applications platform
Nidaros IT Solutions BV – Bot automation
NuCypher – Big Data Security
Otonomos – Company incorporation and governance platform
Privitar – Privacy engineering solutions
SBDA Group – Personalization of digital banking services
Squirro – Cognitive Insights Engine – Proprietary AI platform
Tech Bureau Corp – Cryptographic currency and blockchain technology
WeVolve Ltd – AI-powered coaching app

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