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From Portugal, Pedro Ruão and Omniflow are powering the future of smart cities through renewable energy and smart IoT lampposts. After retrofitting their solution in an IKEA store, the energy consumption dropped by more than 94%.

Omniflow provide sustainable smart city solutions. Their Smart IoT Lamppost, powered by wind and solar, transforms a regular street light into a sustainable smart infrastructure capable of housing multiple added value services like, 5G small-cell, Surveillance, Smart car-parking & Smartwalk, Computer vision, V2X, EV charging, IoT sensors/gateways, Audio for public communication. All their units have an IoT system that monitors and control all devices through a dedicated software.

They make an impact by avoiding CO2 emissions and expanding digitalization.

Valuation Category: Heavyweight ($2,500,000 – $10,000,000)

Awards Won: Altran Innovation Award, Red Herring Top 100 Winner Europe, Dubai Futurism Award, World Alliance for Efficient Solutions – Solar Impulse foundation.


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Selected out of a thousand startups, Pedro and Omniflow are competing against Erik and Qpinch in the Global Final Battle on April 21. In this battle of carbon neutral energy heavyweights, we have the winner of our Lisbon event competing against the winner in Antwerp. Reserve your ringside seat to find out firsthand who will win

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