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New ventures and innovative solutions – on November 9, startups are grabbing the spotlight on the exhibition floor at NEDS 2020 Digital Startup Day to showcase the latest technological applications in the Defence and Security Industry. Organized by NIDV – in collaboration with Unknown Group and the main partners TNO, THALES, ILIAS, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, and Ministry of Defence – NEDS 2020 Digital has reserved a special day to foster collaboration between innovators and relevant partners with the goal of scaling solutions for modern day threats.

Besides following a full programme with expert breakouts and digital roundtables in the theme of innovation (see the timetable HERE), maximum interaction between startups and visitors will also be possible during the day. Exhibiting startups will host online booths to showcase their businesses, while visitors can explore partnership opportunities with promising solutions in one-on-one matchmaking sessions.  Catch a glimpse of the latest innovations in the Defence and Security industry and support your favourite startup:

10XL is an award winning large area 3D print service using proprietary hybrid 3D printers and cradle to cradle recycled materials.

Skytree is a clean air tech company which produces space-age filters to enable better air in enclosed spaces for health, safety, and improved efficiency.

Offroad Apps integrates real time data into wearable applications that enable defence and security professionals to make faster and better decisions in dangerous conditions.

Sita Robotics builds information gathering exploration robots to increase efficiency in challenging environments.

Elitac Wearables collaborates with the medical, safety, defense and sports sectors to develop electronic and textile wearables based on haptic feedback and sensors.

InnoTractor creates and implements digital technologies using IoT, blockchain and the latest 4G/5G technologies for a zero waste supply chain.

Sens2Sea develops modified navigation radars to detect oil spills, small objects and to indicate water depth and water currents around a vessel or a coastal area.

Verifeye Media provides visual media verification solutions designed to combat disinformation and aid rapid decision making.

ViNotion brings high-tech video analysis for object recognition and analysis which is applicable in crowd management, traffic analysis, city marketing and smart city concepts.

Highrise Design ensures that customers and partners utilize the full potential of strong and lightweight aluminium in their products & projects.

Optics11 is a high-tech company that offers revolutionary new optical fiber measurement systems for applications in acoustic monitoring, acceleration & strain sensing and more.

Dynaxion develops innovative detectors that identify explosives and drugs in parcels, suitcases and freight, in a fully automated and accurate manner, and up to atomic level.

QuinteQ Energy B.V. introducing the world’s most advanced Flywheel Energy Storage Solution, developed by the Boeing Company, brought to market by QuinteQ, made in the Netherlands.

Ellipsis Drive is a sharing and collaboration medium for geospatial content, creating a Google Drive-like experience for spatial data.

Genax is the owner of an EU patented thin wearable which is able to shield the human body against electromagnetic waves.

Tective Robotics is currently developing SkyHive, a dronehub that supports drones to provide live video for making life saving decisions. 

X-Systems specializes in mobile cyber security, IoT cyber security and critical communications to create cutting edge high-assurance technologies and breakthrough capabilities for security and safety purposes.

Bravo 20 and Embedded Acoustics are specializing in low power, small form factor, wireless electronics such as fully digital headsets with 3D audio, advanced soldier systems with augmented reality displays and smart vests/helmets.

Axual provides real-time data streaming capabilities using a powerful and battle-tested software platform.

Warp provides people with access to experiences that empower them in reality by building tools to create and play interactive 360˚ video VR learning experiences.

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