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Despite its small size on the map, Singapore provides many benefits for businesses and people to thrive in its environment. As one of the biggest transit-hubs in the region, it is also no surprise that some of the most innovative solutions in the field of Workforce are found in Singapore. As a part of the Workforce Augmentation Competition, we are proud to announce the 6 finalists that are looking to prove their solution and beat the challenge in the Singapore region. 

WeavAir Inc.  enables workforce augmentation and creation of new job opportunities for HVAC contractors by empowering them with data they can use to serve their customers remotely and more effectively. WeavAir provides them with data as a tool to make their work more efficient. The company is a winner of the Clean50 Top Project, Enactus Canada Award, Le Monde Smart City Award, Mobile World Congress IoT/WT Innovation World Cup, Schneider Electric Award and UN WeGo Smart City Secretary General’s award.

ChecktoBuild is a startup in the construction sector that provides an autonomous inspection service in construction projects. They achieve this via the integration of drones with BIM models and AI in their software platform. They work with 3 fundamental values: Sustainability, industrial automation and digitalization of the sector through the defense of BIM.

Spiral Technology develops software to power head-worn AR devices and to deliver critical intelligence to your work force. Its AR applications empower field workers with machine intelligence, computer vision, and hands-free mobility. They create an Augmented Reality platform increasing the labor productivity of Aerospace technicians in the field.


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Firevisor Systems is an artificial intelligence software company that specializes in cognitive defect detection (with >98% accuracy) and cognitive defect analysis of manufacturing data. We help manufacturers increase their profits through the reduction of the cost of poor quality/defects.

SmartSpruce uses a combination of patent pending hardware and software coupled with sensors and Ultraviolet light to monitor and sterilize spaces. Using key parameters such as occupancy, humidity, volatile organic components (VOCs), particles in air, and cleaning schedules, our AI data analytics engine monitors cleanliness and generates alerts when any negative criteria are detected.

Vouch works with hotels to build contactless, A.I. powered digital concierges that help hotels increase revenue, improve productivity, and elevate the guest experience. We have been fortunate to work with esteemed names like Marina Bay Sands, Pan Pacific Hotel Group, Frasers Hospitality, and many more. Guests simply scan a QR code and, without downloading an app, are able to ask questions, order room service, make room requests, all from the comfort and safety of their own phones.

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