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“ How can businesses remain relevant in the long-run by addressing pressing social and environmental issues, while making a profit to ensure the sustainability of their solution? “

It is this question that the Living Business programme, developed in association with HSBC, Get in the Ring and Globally aimed to answer over the last few months. The programme supports UAE-based businesses and projects that bring impact in the Middle Eastern innovation ecosystem. Working within the ESG framework, the programme helps participants to develop their sustainability strategies with the goal of increasing the long-term profitability of their core business.

With the program entering its final phase the time has come to present the participating companies and their projects. 

Over the next three weeks you, the public, will have the chance to cast your vote and show us which project is the most impactful in your opinion. Be sure to cast your vote and stay tuned for the results.

  • 1-7 November: Small Business Category
  • 8-14 November: Mid-Market Category
  • 15-21 November: Corporate Category

Small Business category participants

Arnab Mobility integrates e-scooters with public transport to solve the first/last mile transportation problem that makes public transport less attractive to commuters and to reduce the number of private cars.

Woodfloors Middle East LLC focuses on the conversion of all plywood to FSC certified plywood, implements agreements to take-back and re-use plywood from projects and provides life assurance for all employees. 

Power Knot Middle East General Trading LLC develops a food waste digester to reduce organic waste that ends in the landfill and send it to the local drain as a nutrient rich grey water.

Energie GCC implements a thermodynamic solar system that can generate all the hot water demand for a large hotel, with expected cost and carbon savings of 80% compared to the old diesel water heater.

Metin Mitchell and Company DMCC aims to become a carbon neutral company by the end of 2020 by dramatically reducing air and land travels and by participating in local projects that work on sustainable energy.

 EV Lab leads the market towards sustainable mobility and electric vehicles by developing an omni-channel platform which educates customers about electric vehicles, thus accelerating the shift.

Heliatek implements the first Organic Photovoltaics (OPV) project in the Middle East and currently installed 40 HeliaSol films on the roof of a cultural center for kids in Dubai.

Phoenix Contact emphasises recycling in the workplace, motivates employees to contribute to sustainability and collaborates with a waste management company to accelerate the shift towards a circular economy and reduce cost while also protecting the environment.

Thaely produces vegan sneakers made from waste plastic bags, using the fabric they developed called the ThaelyText.


Mid-market category participants

Steel Wood Industries FZCO (Dubai Branch) is the first and only wood recycling facility in the GCC and Arabian middle east and the first of its kind worldwide to rely only on 100% post-consumer wood for the purpose of manufacturing. 

Emirates National Copper Factory LLC develops a disposal solution for hazardous waste such as e-waste, chemical water waste and charcoal powder.

GreenParking introduces ticketless parking systems which are expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 72 tons.

Emirates Transformer & Switchgear Ltd implements energy efficiency systems based on solar panels and roof insulation that will bring up to 40% energy usage reduction.

MRC Systems implements a travel policy to reduce air miles and improves their video conferencing equipment to enable better communication between their offices and various projects across the world.

Culligan switches from plastic bottles to reusable stainless steel bottles in all their UAE branches.


Corporate category participants

Future Architectural LLC reduces its carbon footprint by adopting energy efficiency technologies, by upgrading wash basin taps to reduce water usage, and by planting trees as well as providing their customers with packs of seeds for plantation. 

Tristar reduces carbon emissions by developing a renewable solar energy project and is working towards ensuring “Goal Zero” in regards to no accidents and no fatalities through a sustained road safety awareness campaign. 

IFFCO works towards maximizing impact of their sustainability initiatives by translating their vision into 4Ps: People, Planet, Prosperity and Partnership.

Apparel Group eliminates single-use plastic shopping bags from retail outlets and plastic straws from their Food & Beverage brands.

Taweelah Aluminium Extrusion initiates an environment sustainability project of recycling waste from their effluent treatment plant and repurpose it as a raw material at a white cement manufacturing facility

Emirates Electrical Engineering LLC designed, built, owns and currently operates a Solar Rooftop Power Plant.

Fine Hygienic Holding releases the Fine Guard antiviral reusable face mask which is proven to kill 99,9% of COVID-19 bacteria through an advanced sterilization technology that also protects the environment from disposable contaminated protective equipment. 


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