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Tel Aviv has devolved into one of the world’s leading hubs for technology and innovation. With nineteen startups per square kilometer, the opportunities in the Israeli city are thriving. Tel Aviv is one of the top performing cities for global connections and global market reach and has been highlighted as one of the best places in the world to start a business. Check out the 10 shortlisted startups that will test, scale and prove their solutions at Get in the Ring Tel Aviv – Workforce Technologies:


Okibo is a developer of autonomous robots designed to use in construction sites.

Solution: The company’s platform uses advanced computer vision, laser detectors, geopositioning and inertial motion sensors to assimilate into any construction site, and the versatile robotic manipulators programming of a multitude of tasks currently performed by manual labor or limited machinery, thereby enabling constructors to lower costs and simplify the process of handling wall isolation.

QualityLine Production Technology

QualityLine is the only AI technology worldwide that can automatically integrates, interprets and analyses any type of manufacturing data (testing stations, machines, sensors, ERP, MES).

Solution: Their technology automatically decodes and interprets the different data formats into a unified tabular database. The data analytics is then automatically analyses via advanced algorithms. QualityLine creates an interactive manufacturing analytics dashboard system.

Next Plus

Next Plus is a no-code digital manufacturing and maintenance platform that transforms your manpower to a super-power.

Solution: Next Plus simplifies complex maintenance and manufacturing processes through smart work instructions, easy analytics, and maximum flexibility.


Qsee is improving yield, quality and efficiency by harnessing Real-Time AI Powered Process.

Solution: They offer a Quality Predictive Analytics for the process manufacturers.


AnyMaint create collaborative maintenance – a revolutionary solution for maintenance management.

Solution: Their innovative software solution solves a significant pain of each machine-operating industry – unplanned downtime, which generates approx. $50 billion in losses per year!

Newsight Imaging

Newsight develops advanced CMOS image sensors for two main business units: 3D Machine vision and Spectral Analysis.

Solution: Their sensors serve verticals for Industries such as Automotive, Industry 4,0, Water, and Medical applications.


Ception is a Jerusalem-based startup, developing an AI-powered system for mobile heavy equipment in construction and mining, to improve safety, productivity, and sustainability.

Solution: The solution is based on the company’s precise non-GPS localization and mapping technologies, using advanced computer vision and deep learning algorithms.


Ultrawis is a manufacturer of auto-control and enhanced vision products for tower cranes intended to reduce the accidents, inefficient operations and project delays that result from traditional crane operation and communication processes.

Solution: Their solution includes a unique set of sensors constantly recording your site and generating in depth data and insights in real time which is available anywhere you like and to any one you choose.

Samson Logic

Samson Logic is a developer of equipment management software intended to provide a new way to handle construction materials in all stages.

Solution: The company’s software uses modular smart containers and IoT technology, enabling customers to prevent accidents on site, increase productivity and to have a organized and efficient site.

Deep Learning Robotics (DLRob)

Deep Learning Robotics is a technology company specializing in robotics, computer vision and machine learning.

Solution: They have developed a unique vision-based robotic controller that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to enable robots to learn and replicate tasks by observing humans performing them.

Congratulations to the 10 shortlisted startups! The winning solution will join the brightest changemakers at the Workforce Technologies Final during the Global Meetup 2022, and will get access to the Unknown Group Workforce Technologies venture engine — our co-innovation network where we connect solution providers with the network of 30+ affiliated industry partners.