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The final contestants that will be on stage today! Good luck to them all.

SpeakEZ (Israel), unites the power of social networks with its patented technology to provide a platform where people can speak using their language of choice.
LIK (Morroco), an app that gives you phone credit in exchange for targeted, contextualized and geolocated advertisement receptions.

Aquanos (Israel), has a unique wastewater treatment technology and process, which produces high quality of water while utilizing a fraction of the energy required by conventional wastewater treatment plants.
Biodencell (Colombia), has a dental stemcell bank to repair damaged tissues (e.g. burned skin) and solve immunologic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

DOT (South-Korea), designed a braille smartwatch, which gives blind people access to affordable education and effective communication.
OnOff-App (France), allows users with their app to instantly add multiple phone numbers on their own and other smartphones.