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On the 15th of October the tension was high in the last round of Get in the Ring National Final India. Out of more than 294 startups that applied, and 32 startups that were selected, was the startup Doctors’ Circle the proud winner middleweight class of the Get in the Ring India. Docters’ Circle is the largest healthcare video content platform, which helps consumers make more informed healthcare decisions. The proud winner of the lightweight class is Hyperverge, they uses a deep learning algorythm to process consumer images and videos on the cloud. Out of the 294 startups applications, 60 startups were preselected and 32 startups battled in the semi-final. Only 4 startups were chosen by a team of referees that consisted of Dave McLure of 500 startups, Ravi Gururaj of Nasscom, Mukund Mohan of Microsoft Ventures, Stephen Lurie of Team Builder Ventures, Rahul Khanna of Trifecta Capital and last but not least Abhishek Gupta of TLabs.

Watch the aftermovie of the event in the video below.

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