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NIDV – in collaboration with Unknown Group and the main partners TNO, THALES, ILIAS, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, and Ministry of Defence – announced the annual NIDV Exhibition Defence & Security (NEDS) on November 9, 18 and 19. Historically, NEDS garners an attendance of over 2,500 people from various industries and organisations, both national and international, being marked as the go-to event in regards to the Defence and Security industry.

The theme for this edition of NEDS is “Resilience”. Since the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic, both public and private organisations have had to take radical measures to prevent (further) contamination while continuing their daily operations. Forced distance working raised concerns about cybersecurity. How is the industry adapting to the crisis? NEDS 2020 Digital is bringing together the golden triangle – governmental organisations, knowledge institutes, and the Defence and Security industry – to develop solutions for modern day threats and collaboratively shape the future of the industry.

Startup Day

November 9 is all about startups and innovation. The general public and NEDS guests can visit startup exhibition booths, discover promising solutions and explore collaboration opportunities in one-on-one matchmaking sessions. Next to insightful roundtables and breakouts ranging from Predictive Maintenance, Corporate Venturing and tips on how to collaborate with governments, participants can support their favourite innovation during the public awareness campaign which lasts until November 19. While startups gain broader exposure, additional matchmaking partners can be connected based on the indications of the public to form quality connections.

NEDS 2020 Digital – Day 1, 2 and Main Event

On the 18th and 19th, the event will follow a full program which includes numerous expert breakouts, digital roundtables and a spectacular Main Event. In order to provide participants with a full NEDS experience, companies, government parties and knowledge institutes have the opportunity to showcase their expertise, identify partners and enrich their network by hosting their own online booths on the digital exhibition floor or by organising side events. Closing on November 19 with the spectacular Main Event, high-level speakers, interactive discussions and sponsors will contribute to the Resilience Talk to discuss pressing topics around the main theme of this year.

For more information on NEDS and how to join the event this year press HERE.