We are looking for the most promising startups in the world

Via more than 100 selection events around the world you’ll have a chance to get selected and win a trip to our yearly Global Meetup. Along the way you sharpen your pitching skills, receive feedback from experts, connect with like minded people and and showcase your solution. Awards will be given along the way, but your reason to participate should be to get exposure and connect with the right investors and business leaders that can help you to grow your company.

"Get in the Ring is not all about winning; it’s more than just an average pitching competition. If you get a chance to pitch in the Ring, there is so much added value for your company that you can’t get from just money or marketing."

Berry Kriesels, Founder and CEO Omnigen

How it works

Together with our partners we organize selection events all around the world. Simply lookup an event that you like, apply online and wait for the official invitation.

Out of the applications only a select group of startups will be invited. If you are selected better make sure to start preparing your pitch.

During the selection day you'll have the opportunities to participate in training and networking opportunities with investors, corporates and experienced entrepreneurs.

Only few startups will get a chance to actually get into the ring. Winners of the day program will get a chance to go on stage and compete in a 1-1 battle for a ticket to the Global Meetup of Get in the Ring.

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Why participate

  • Sharpen pitching skills and receive feedback from experts

  • Connect with leading corporates, governments and investors

  • Get exposure for your startup and pitch on a global stage

Interested in participating

You can apply directly for a selection event in the overview. Is there no event available for you? Leave your contact details and we will inform you when there is.

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