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Some of you might have noticed that currently, Get in the Ring is cooperating with KPN for another challenge. But exactly who is KPN? And what is the challenge mainly about?

Founded in the late 1980s, the company is currently the biggest telco company in the Netherlands. Though being a giant, KPN is keeping itself at the cutting edge of innovation now by cooperating with startups for innovative solutions and possibilities for the future. This does not simply apply to KPN, but the many branches it holds that provide ICT services to different industries. One of them, KPN Finance, is introducing two challenges, inviting startups to build a more future-proof KPN together.

Lift The Fog For Financial Forecasting
For an environment as chaotic and noisy as the financial market, forecasting with high accuracy has always been one key element to a good financial year. Yet it has never been an easy one. The good news is, increasing application of artificial intelligence has started to disrupt the financial market we have known for the past hundreds of years.

Unlike traditional approaches, Artificial intelligence (AI) relies very little on human inputs for mistake correction. This grants companies more time to strategically cope with issues they encounter. Meanwhile, the deep learning ability it holds allows for prediction with higher accuracy, leading to a much greater efficiency.

It is not surprising to see an emerging amount of companies using AI on assisting customers’ financial decisions. For example, Aladdin. The platform is owned by Blackrock, the biggest shadow bank in the world, and is capable of conducting the amount of work of thousands of analyst in a short period of time. A real game changer.

Do you also know of startups holding an innovative solution for financial forecasting, utilizing the capability of AI? They might be the one KPN Finance is looking for!


Be inspired by cutting edge technologies from all over the world and stay up to date with the latest opportunities for startups.

Packing Motivation With Gamification
The second challenge focuses more on the organizational culture: gamifying tasks and the workforce to activate knowledge sharing among employees. At the present phase, information and knowledge within KPN Finance is not optimally aggregated. It looks forward to creative and scalable ideas to further improve the knowledge sharing efficiency using gamification.

Gamification, the process of integrating game design elements in non-game contexts, gained its popularity in 2010. As it involves positive and gameful experiences, it has been proven to motivate participation and engagement, both externally on customers and internally on employees.

Take Tata Interactive for example. The company uses immersive learning tools like AR and VR to encourage employees on knowledge acquisition and sharing. AR technology provides digitized information that pops up on employees’ phone screen on top of the physical environment. While VR creates a risk-free virtual world where employees can make decisions according to foreseeable problems.

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