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For the Get in the Ring Global Meetup 2022, we are bringing 19 impactful startups to The Hague for dealmaking meetings with our selection of governments and industry leaders. Meet and be inspired by the 19 leading startups in the domains of Manufacturing, Construction, Logistics, and Mobility


AR-Experts (GIRI) (Germany)

Solution: Create work instructions in augmented reality

GIRI’s AR-based technology simplifies the process of giving instructions within the workplace by creating augmented reality instructions. The technology decreases the time spent making manuals or instructional videos for employees. Experts, foremen, and technicians become 10 times more flexible and employees make 62.3% fewer mistakes.


Autofleet (Israel)

Solution: Vehicle-as-a-Service platform for fleets

Autofleet optimizes fleets of vehicles to serve any source of demand. The platform leverages advanced machine-learning models to enable fleets such as public transport operators, car rental companies, and more.


Birds Ai (Netherlands)

Solution: Computer vision inspection

Provides a computer vision-based product quality inspection solution. It detects and classifies objects in aerial imagery and the platform allows businesses to track vegetation, stock, inventory on land. Has use case for manufacturers, solar panels, agriculture, power lines, wind turbines, and other applications.


Ception (Israel)

Solution: Multilayered system for vehicle mapping and localization.

Ception’s software provides an accurate representation of the real world, presenting a new way to increase the safety and efficiency of vehicles through an enhanced experience of advanced mobility.


DENKweit (Germany)

Solution: Machine learning algorithms intended to evaluate data. 

The company’s platform organizes data by combining innovative sensor technology with its own modern machine-learning algorithms for data evaluation in the automotive and solar markets.


Gomecano (France)

Solution: Platform to book mechanic services for vehicles 

Gomecano’s platform allows consumers to book a mechanic to perform services on their vehicle. Mechanics travel to the location to provide their services without having to move the vehicle.


Infinite Foundry (Portugal)

Solution: 3D digital plant platform that improves production efficiency

The InfiniteFoundry platform allows manufacturers to upload the 3D design of their product through the browser to the platform, selects which tests to run, and uses the power of cloud computing to run those tests and see the results in 3D on a screen or in a 3D immersive environment.


Kreatize (Germany)

Solution:Turning manufacturing supply chains into supplier networks with Cloud Manufacturing

Kreatize helps machinery companies transform their sourcing supply chain into a supplier network to save costs and become more resilient. Their procurement platform takes over the procurement of B&C parts (CNC, sheet metal, 3D printing) and orchestrates a global network of qualified top suppliers. 


Oculavis (Germany)

Solution: Visual assistance software for machinery and production through AR

Oculavis is a manufacturer of AI, cloud, and smart glass-based industrial AR systems. Their customer support for machine manufacturers are done through AR for a visual understanding of the processes that need to take place.


OndoSense (Germany)

Solution: Industrial radar sensors for measurements and analysis. 

OndoSense develops industrial sensors for multiple applications. Its products can check security areas, identify hidden defects or foreign bodies, accurately measure distances, and analyze liquids, moisture, and others.


RIIICO (Germany)

Solution: Metaverse application for smart and efficient blueprint modeling. 

RIIICO’s metaverse creates a smart and accurate virtual model of the facility via AI-powered and drag-and-drop technologies. The solution creates a digital copy of a plant with one 3D scan, which gives teams flexibility and tools to collaborate and improve on factory design, layout, and efficiency.


Supplyz (Netherlands)

Solution: Provide industrial and consumer solutions to digitalize the storage and inventory process.

As resources are becoming scarce and more expensive, their solution allows companies to monitor their materials and products anywhere and to receive new data insights to streamline processes, create automation, and predict future demand.


Saltrex (Netherlands)

Solution: Online B2B auction marketplace platform

Saltrex provides a secure, simple, independent, and compliant online B2B auction platform for all parties with an interest in surplus, secondary or distressed commodities and cargo.


Spiral Technology (Singapore)

Solution: Augmented reality platform that provides industrial automation solutions

Spiral Technology empowers field workers with machine intelligence, computer vision, & hands-free mobility and supports technicians at all stages of the overhaul process to shorten the turnaround time. 


Trilleco (Germany)

Solution: 3D IoT sustainability platform

The Trilleco software platform helps companies to comply with EU regulations and achieve their CO2 targets. Their IoT platform combines all data and assets from the enterprise environment in a three-dimensional representation and it visualizes the data through a dashboard.


ValCUN (Belgium)

Solution: Metal additive manufacturing technology

Their Molten Metal Deposition is a disruptive metal additive manufacturing technology. Their solution creates parts with liquid metal, reducing manufacturing times, costs of operations, and environmental impact.


WearHealth (Germany)

Solution: Helps industrial companies to improve workforce standards

Wearhealth improves the safety, health, and productivity within a workplace by mapping workload and providing actionable improvement points with AI and wearable-driven recommendations.


WiserSense (Turkey)

Solution: End-to-end smart machine health monitoring.

Wisersense’s technology makes maintenance and energy costs more efficient through machine health monitoring. In line with Industry 4.0 and the trend towards digitalization, it offers monitoring, tracking, remote measurement, and detection of possible faults much earlier for smart factories and smart city projects.


5thIndustry (Germany)

Solution: Factory digitization through cloud systems

They use their cloud application solutions to create established systems through the processes of a factory floor. Their solution provides order executions, maintenance management, health and safety measurements, and quality assurance.


Global Meetup 2022

It is time for this year’s participating ventures to come together at the grandest showcase of unconventional solutions; Global Meetup 2022! After the pandemic, it is exciting to have this year’s Global Final physically in the headquarters of innovation and global impact, The Hague. More than 100 startups will be joining the event to meet the investors and the 4 finalists will pitch their solutions Get in the ring style, and compete for the title of  “Global Winner” 2022. 

We are excited to see all the ventures in The Hague! Stay tuned for more exciting startups from other domains. 

Get in the Ring is all about identifying promising startups with innovative solutions from all corners of the world. Active in over 100 countries, we aim to shine a spotlight on bold founders ready to make an impact with their solutions. By matching them with corporates and industry leaders through dealmaking meetings, we ensure founders find traction in their markets.

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