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For the Get in the Ring Global Meetup 2022, we are bringing 20 impactful startups to The Hague for dealmaking meetings with our selection of governments and industry leaders. Discover and be inspired by these 20 unconventional startups in Fintech, Healthtech, and Other domains.

Aarin (Brazil)

Solution: Invisible Banking and Embedded Finance solutions.

They provide financial technology solutions for companies that don’t wish to become a bank, but still want to provide financial services embedded in the user journey. This allows the companies to save resources that come with building their own financial tech. Their process is enabled by their own Smart core banking solution, which is a complete technological infrastructure, agnostic to traditional banking cores.


AKYAS Sanitation (United Arab Emirates) 

Solution: Portable waterless toilets.

They offer a turn-key solution that functions as a low-cost, low-resource, and easily deployable non-sewered sanitation system. Their mission is to bring low-cost safe sanitation to the base of the pyramid population regionally and globally. Their solution supports those with a lack of access to safe sanitation, such as displaced populations, high-dense slum households, or other water-scarce communities.


Develop Diverse (Denmark)

Solution: AI-assisted recruitment software for inclusive outreach.

They offer an AI-based recruitment platform that promotes inclusive writing, enabling businesses to reach a wider and more diverse talent pool. A DD-scan detects and highlights implicitly and explicitly stereotypic language in texts and suggests neutral alternatives in real-time. The revised language allows recruiters to reach talented candidates regardless of gender, ethnicity, or age.


EAGLYS (Japan)

Solution: AI and DB systems to create secure computing and data protection

EAGLYS creates a connected world by securing data through the application of advanced encryption technologies. This enables access to vast quantities of data while ensuring total confidentiality and compliance with privacy regulations. 


Elitac Wearables (The Netherlands)

Solution: Integrated wearable technology 

They aim to improve people’s lives by developing robust, comfortable, and attractive wearables integrating electronics and textiles. They have a particular focus on haptic feedback applications and sensor integrations. Haptic feedback technology has been demonstrated to help users keep their eyes, ears, and hands free, receive information in an intuitive way, and may even improve, correct, or replace missing body functions or senses. 


Glooma (Portugal)

Solution: Medical screening device

They are developing a medical screening device that helps detect breast cancer early through a self-exam. Connected to a mobile app, SenseGlove is an at-home portable medical screening device that complements the conventional screening exam.


Hervana Bio (Isreal)

Solution: Non-hormonal female contraceptive platform

Their solution is dedicated to innovating products in women’s health. They have developed a female contraceptive platform technology (HER-102), which is non-hormonal in its mechanism of action and offers unique benefits including added protection against STD infection. HER-102 is highly effective, long-acting, fully reversible and most notably, does not suffer the health limitations of existing, hormone-based contraceptives.


HiPe Kids (France) 

Solution: Digital English lessons for children

They have developed an innovative educational program, and all teachers are taught a communicative and multi-sensory methodology. It’s not just online English lessons for kids and teens, but it’s a unique, hyper-personalized experience with native English speakers.


HiveOnline (Denmark)

Solution: Digital tools for SMEs in developing countries

Provides a decentralized platform for SMEs to store and share various documents, decisions, contracts, authorisations and payments with various related parties: customers, banks, other vendors etc.


HouseCare (LetMeCare) (Vietnam) 

Solution: Service connecting housemaids and clients

Their services provide a technology platform that helps people find trustworthy, affordable care. It connects housemaid partners and clients.


Imagilabs (Sweden) 

Solution: Educational creative coding technology 

Imagilabs offer colorful programmable accessories intended to inspire, educate and funnel the next generation of female technologists. The company’s product, embedded with LED lights, uses Python programming to display any text, design, and color, enabling girls to learn and connect interests for creative coding.


Lizuna KK (Japan)

Solution: Risk management system for fraud prevention

Their system uses several technologies that include Automation, Big Data, and AI, to quickly stop online fraud orders before the merchant loses the money and their product.


mTOMADY (Germany)

Solution: – Accessible healthcare through universal coverage 

Their mission is to implement technology that lowers financial barriers to healthcare and accelerates progress towards universal health coverage. A simple SIM card enables users to enroll in public or private health programs, and send, save, or spend money for health-specific expenses, thereby connecting beneficiaries to different health financing mechanisms so that anyone, anywhere can access essential health services free from financial risk.  


NUCAPS Nanotechnology (Spain)

Solution: Encapsulation devices for bioactive and probiotics

They offer a new encapsulation technology for the industrial development of nanocapsules and biocapsules for bioactive and probiotics. Their international patents of bioavailable capsules with natural proteins and personalized and free of conservatives achieve the protection and improvement of the resulting active compounds, with greater efficiency and stability.


Real Research (Poland)

Solution: Technology platform for 3D cell culture.

Real Research redefines the way cellular research is carried out. They move away from inefficient 2D cell cultures to 3D cultures. Their protein-based hydrogel for 3D cell cultures allows for batch-to-batch repeatability, growth factor purity, ready-to-perform angiogenesis tests, and high scalability. 


Roots Studio (United States)

Solution: Digitalisation of art for licensing

Roots Studio works with unreached communities to digitize their art and make sure that they are given credit and compensation for its use. Their licensing efforts have helped artists in Asia, Africa, and Latinamerica in the art, textile, and fashion industries


SaveOn (Georgia) 

Solution: Marketing, Social & Communities

They offer an ad platform that allows the user access to exclusive deals for no cost, while advertisers pay a small amount to post their deals. 


SnoreFree Health App (Austria)

Solution: Health app that offers anti-snore training.

SnoreFree is an application that offers training based on speech therapy that aims to significantly increase sleep and life quality within weeks. By strengthening the immune system and improving pronunciation, they can treat snoring painlessly and naturally.


Theya Healthcare (Ireland)

Solution: Women’s post-surgery wear

They aim to provide for women’s changing body needs across their life cycle with sustainable, empathetic, science-backed products Their post-surgery bra has been proven to help with healing due to their organic bamboo mix fabric.


Xctuality (Singapore)

Solution: NFTs and blockchain for an immersive experience

Xctuality provides an immersive entertainment design technology to combine 360° streaming and virtual reality. The company’s technology enables clients that serve events and venues with e-ticketing and live streaming capabilities in a variety of events and domains.


Global Meetup 2022

It is time for this year’s participating ventures to come together at the grandest showcase of unconventional solutions; Global Meetup 2022! After the pandemic, it is exciting to have this year’s Global Final physically in the headquarters of innovation and global impact, The Hague. More than 100 startups will be joining the event to meet the investors and the 4 finalists will pitch their solutions Get in the ring style, and compete for the title of  “Global Winner” 2022. 

We are excited to see all the ventures in The Hague! Stay tuned for more exciting startups from other domains. 

Get in the Ring is all about identifying promising startups with innovative solutions from all corners of the world. Active in over 100 countries, we aim to shine a spotlight on bold founders ready to make an impact with their solutions. By matching them with corporates and industry leaders through dealmaking meetings, we ensure founders find traction in their markets.

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