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For the Get in the Ring Global Meetup 2022, we are bringing 19 leading startups to The Hague for dealmaking meetings with our selection of governments and industry leaders. Meet and be inspired by these solutions in the domains of Energy, Chemical, and Materials:


AC Biode (Japan)

Solution: Standalone AC charging system that enhances the batteries of electric vehicles.

AC Biode enhances batteries by making them charge faster and last longer through their own patented biome-based technology. Since this solution can be implemented through the supply line, it has an accessible implementation process.


Cellugy (Denmark)

Solution:  Pure bio cellulose created through fermentation.

Their product, “EcoFlexy”, is a multipurpose sustainable bio-fabricated cellulose material and ingredient. EcoFlexy aims to provide alternative cellulose options for various products, such as skin, hair, and sun care products. They also make fibre-based goods, such as barrier layers in textiles and packaging.


Circularise (Netherlands)

Solution: Blockchain Supply chain traceability

Helps OEMs and Manufacturers to trace raw materials from a source into parts and ultimately to end products. By digitising materials on a blockchain, they can create a digital thread through the whole supply chain.


CyanoCapture (United Kingdom)

Solution: Providing a unique CCUS technology based on Genetically modified algae. 

CyanoCapture provides carbon-capturing technology. They offer carbon capture on an industrial scale by harnessing genetically modified cyanobacteria.


Geyser Batteries (Finland)

Solution: Using water as a solvent for electrolytes alongside widely available chemicals to create powerful and hazardless battery systems.

Their battery systems are meticulously built with widely available materials to create sustainable, durable, and powerful batteries for storage of alternative energy sources in extreme ambient conditions.


Gradyent (The Netherlands)

Solution: Deploying advanced Digital twin technology to save energy, reduce emissions and manage complex heating networks. 

Gradyent provides AI & cloud-based solutions to optimise the heat network. They provide an artificial intelligence-based software-as-a-service platform for heat optimisation. They also provides solutions for demand forecasting, flow simulation, and supply & demand matching.


Hygro (The Netherlands)

Solution: Creating hydrogen where electricity is being produced via advanced engineering. 

Hygro aims to support the energy transition by providing clean, renewable hydrogen from wind to wheel.


IQ Energy (Canada)

Solution: Convert underutilised waste streams into valuable ‘clean’ energy.

They employ a Waste to Energy Indirect Gasification system capable of recovering hydrocarbon liquids from waste streams. Their product creates a counterflow gasification system that can process waste fuels with high moisture and ash content, effectively reducing global pollution.


OBE Power (United States)

Solution: Develop a network of EV charging stations strategically located to best respond to consumer needs.

They offer electric vehicle charging stations to individuals and businesses who can charge EV users to charge their cars. This creates alternative revenue streams for their clients while broadening the available charging location options.


Phelas (Germany)

Solution: Phelas are developing an electricity storage system to enable the future use of solar and wind power even when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing. 

The Aurora system uses a newly developed thermodynamic process to store energy in liquid air. Through this modular, low-cost, and sustainable technology, Phelas enables 100% renewable energy supply.


Plastic Back (Israel)

Solution: Use chemical oxidation to attack plastic polymers and break them down into oils, waxes, and other valuable chemicals.

Plastic Back aims to reduce the amount of plastic disposed in landfills or incinerated by claiming back materials required to make it. This process that is achieved through oxidation can be achieved with minimal heating and little physical space, making its implementation easier for adopting facilities and operations.


Powercrumbs (The Netherlands)

Solution: Collecting renewable Biogas from leftover sources, so-called ‘Powercrumbs’. 

Powercrumbs are collected in the Powerbox which houses advanced technology to store biogas and release electricity on demand.


SEPPURE (Singapore)

Solution:  Sustainable nanofiltration solutions to separate chemical mixtures at a molecular level with minimal energy used.

Seppure employs a filtration process using chemically-resistant membranes with pores smaller than 1 nanometer in diameter, enabling chemical separations at a molecular level. The process does not need heat, making it more economical and sustainable to use.


SLB (United States)

Solution: Large scale energy storage

Provides energy storage technology intended to bring metal-hydrogen batteries to the clean energy revolution. The company’s technology offers durability, safety, flexibility and low-cost materials, enabling aerospace industry to have zero maintenance and lower cost alternative to lithium-ion batteries.


Trashin (Brazil)

Solution: Smart waste management systems for companies.

Trashin provides consulting, planning, reverse logistics, and management systems to its clients. They train employees on proper waste disposal practices, and they proceed to recycle and repurpose the waste gathered to return them to the chain production.


Vivid Edge (Ireland)

Solution:  Decarbonisation  – a unique approach to solving energy waste in large organizations

Vivid Edge helps companies decarbonize by removing energy waste, saving them time and capital, and risk, so they can focus on their core business.


Wavehexapod (The Netherlands)

Solution: Using patented technology to create electricity from waves by deploying wave generators on offshore wind installations. 

The Wavehexapod wave generator uses existing offshore wind infrastructure to create additional green renewable energy and promises up to 4 times more electricity generation from such sites. 


Wingo (Croatia)

Solution: Energy-efficient tables with integrated heating in their base.

Wingo’s tables are destined for heating terraces for cafes, restaurants, and hotels. The shape and design of the tables optimize energy consumption and space utilisation, replacing standard gas and electricity heating systems.


OPT/NET (The Netherlands) 

Solution: Real-time AI-based network monitoring, analysis, and management.

OPT/Net’s AI Ops platform ensures the continuity of the most critical IT infrastructures. Their software is capable of dealing with an ever-increasing volume of data and complexity. Their other platform, the OptOSS, monitors, analyses, and manages complex networks in real time.


Global Meetup 2022

It is time for this year’s participating ventures to come together at the grandest showcase of unconventional solutions; Global Meetup 2022! After the pandemic, it is exciting to have this year’s Global Final physically in the headquarters of innovation and global impact, The Hague. More than 100 startups will be joining the event to meet the investors, pitch their solutions Get in the Ring style, and compete for the “Global Winner” award 2022.

We are excited to see all the ventures in The Hague! Stay tuned for more exciting startups from other domains.

Get in the Ring is all about identifying promising startups with innovative solutions from all corners of the world. Active in over 100 countries, we aim to shine a spotlight on bold founders ready to make an impact with their solutions. By matching them with corporates and industry leaders through dealmaking meetings, we ensure founders find traction in their markets.

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