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Call agents in a government agency do a very important job, they bring information to the public and solve many issues. According to recent research, live assistance has the highest rate of satisfaction among callers. That’s why it is important to make sure that they are properly trained, coached and given the opportunity to learn and progress.

What also really makes a difference is when everyone has an inspiring, motivating and engaged working atmosphere. With that in mind, the municipality of Rotterdam wants to ensure their call center agents have all the necessary tools and skills to improve citizen satisfaction. We scouted 11 inspiring innovators who can collaborate with them.

During Rotterdam Unlocked, these startups will meet with the Municipality and discuss collaboration possibilities. This initiative aims to unlock business opportunities in the city and develop Rotterdam. Check out the selected startups and on the 20th of February we will announce the final decision.

BrainCreators (Netherlands)

BrainCreators is a team of machine learning and software engineering professionals. Their team is made up of dedicated, focused entrepreneurs with decades of experience in artificial intelligence and enterprise software. They work closely with partners and clients to bring enterprises to the forefront of digital transformation.


Be inspired by cutting edge technologies from all over the world and stay up to date with the latest opportunities for startups.

Converz Analytics (Netherlands)

Converz unlocks value by turning conversations into actionable data. They use machine and deep learning to convert spoken and written conversations into structured data. Analysis of that data provides insights that improve the performance of your teams and the experiences of your customers.

Dialogue Trainer (Netherlands)

DialogueTrainer trains people to become masters in conversations. Together with Utrecht University, we have developed an immersive training platform, in which professionals and students can train difficult conversations and validated conversation methods, which become playable through interactive scenarios. They want to fundamentally innovate and improve communication skills education and training to contribute to job satisfaction and efficiency.

Knowingo (Netherlands)

Knowingo is a learning platform and mobile app that uses gamification and artificial intelligence to solve knowledge and learning problems in society today. They use the power of self-learning AI and gamification to get people learning in a fun way, with 5x the learning efficiency, right on their mobile device.

Embot (Netherlands)

Embot enables companies to automate and scale their customer service through intelligent artificial intelligence agents: Chatbots and Voice Assistants. Their bots use outstanding Language technology for good conversation.

KnowledgeFlow (Belgium)

KnowledgeFlow offers a flexible solution that makes it easy to capture, share and learn key organizational knowledge in a well-structured way. This cross-platform solution makes learning more effective, playful and continuous. It goes beyond just capturing and storing knowledge: they help customers put the wealth of expertise in their organization to actual use.

NeoSound Intelligence (Netherlands)

NeoSound develops a digital sound processing technology that transforms human voice or other sounds into meaningful data. They provide sound analytics solution for call center supervisors. NeoSound helps companies find the gaps, detect the areas of improvement in call center services, improve the quality of customer communications and, ultimately, they will help reduce the customer churn rate.

Notilyze (Netherlands)

Notilyze is a fast-growing startup with one goal: to assist organizations with data analytics, in such a way that they get the solution that helps them become a more data-driven and successful organization.

Sentient Machine (United Kingdom)

Sentient Machines is a deep tech company analyzing speech and sentiment in order to empower smarter human communication and transform productivity in call centres. They claim to be achieving this at lower cost and higher quality than competitors, because they  are the first platform on the market that facilitates self-learning AI.

Seriatym (Netherlands)

Seriatym is creating an artificial intelligence assistant chatbot which will find the right files for employees in a highly accurate way. They were motivated by a survey in 2018 that revealed that employees waste 4 hours each week on finding the right documents of which 20% are either misplaced or lost.

Solar Games (France)

Solar Games is a platform that offers users the opportunity to embody a 3D avatar to their image in a center that will bring together all their documentary resources. It is a gamified e-learning and data management technology platform.

So which startup do you think is the best match for the Municipality?

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