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Remember our call to action to find solutions to aid first responders in pandemic situations? Well, we are proud to see so many teams willing to help local and global communities in this difficult times. The NATO Innovation Challenge has seen 167 candidates from 21 countries presenting their solutions. Out of these, 10 have been selected as finalists. They are now part of a public voting until 17 June, when the winner of the challenge will be announced during the NATO Pitch Day (Register here for free). Let’s get to know the finalists.

IMRSV Data Labs

IMRSV Data Labs proposes a solution capable of processing large quantities of information to detect false information. False information is identified by utilizing known knowledge bases of reputable information from public health organizations such as the Public Health Agency of Canada, World Health Organization and Centre for Disease Control.

Geospark Analytics

Geospark Analytics enables users to make better decisions faster by identifying events, enhancing indications and warnings, and forecasting stability to mitigate risk. Like a weather app forecasts the temperature, our Hyperion AI engine forecasts stability and the drivers of stability. Hyperion automates information gathering and intelligence analysis using news, social media, economics, and weather from over 6.8 million sources. Its AI/ML models assess activity and stability levels in real-time for every spot on the globe. Hyperion is a substantial force multiplier for NATO by shifting the traditional approach of assessing the operational environment to a focus on the future.


Polares’ solution iTRUST is a situational awareness dashboard for monitoring, foresight, and optimal response in rapidly evolving situations such as pandemic or humanitarian disaster. iTRUST will enable users to fuse data from multiple data sources and social media outlets into a comprehensive real-time situational awareness. Trust scores and confidence level for incoming information will be computed and deceptive or malicious (fake) posts will be identified.

4C Strategies

The solution of 4C Strategies, Exonaut Common Operating Picture (COP), is a decision support tool providing shared situational awareness during the full life cycle of a crisis. The COP solution builds upon 4C’s battle-tested readiness management platform, Exonaut, and lessons learned in its development for the European External Action Service, NATO, the British, US Army and others.

Big Rock Technologies

Team Big Rock Technologies’ smart-drone medical supply chain innovations provide distribution and allocation solutions for first responders, rural communities, and isolated individuals. They effectively provide two way transportation of up to 100 lbs (45 kg) of tests, medicines and supplies, supplying remote populations and vastly reducing the costs of travelling to healthcare facilities for evaluation, treatment, and medication.


The solutions of Adyton is Mustr. Mustr is a mobile tool that enables rapid information dissemination, status checks & automatically aggregated information flow to enhance distributed operational continuity and unlock vital insight into the state of an organization and the environment. Mustr gives small teams the ability to adapt, organize, and coordinate quickly, even across organizations and boundaries. Users can share information and maintain situational awareness while keeping focus on the core mission.

Complex System Inc.

CSI propose to develop an information fusion-based (IF) verification framework for decision support system (DSS). This is developed from CSI’s systems for real-time DSS applied to real-time drilling, space, defense, smart cities. Their DSS consists of data alignment and fusion, followed by trend and content analysis which track events of interest.


Drawing lessons from the military, we invented a Common Data Platform on which people and organisations come together to combat disease. It provides real-time data exchange between health care workers, politicians, scientists and crisis response teams. Everyone can build their own forecasts and dashboards for a variety of use cases like the allocation of ventilators and medical supplies.

Verifeye Media

Verifeye Media’s technology verifies videos and photos, in real time, filtering misinformation and disinformation. The core ideas for their solution were spawned during almost a decade reporting on the NATO mission in Afghanistan, witnessing firsthand the challenge of analyzing intelligence in fast moving situations, and the cost of getting it wrong.

TriStar Multicopters

TriStar drones can be used to carry valuable supplies faster than any other vehicle in emergency conditions. When supply routes are cut-off by hostile forces, an environmental disaster or a biological threat, use TriStar drones to continue delivering up to 20 kg (44 lbs) of supplies per flight, up to 50 kms away of either food, medical suppliers or any emergency items.


These are the 10 solutions competing in the last phase of the NATO Innovation Challenge. Which one is your favourite? Cast your vote here!