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We’ve witnessed amazing innovations “Fueling the Future” at the Global Meetup Dealmaking Day 1. Now, we move the spotlight to leading solutions that are “Financing the Future”. Out of all the participants in our 100+ events in the last calendar year, here are the top 11 startups from the Finance & Regulation industry for Dealmaking Day 2. Since this morning, participants were matched with investors, corporates and governmental partners in order to test and scale their solutions. Together with our fans globally, the dealmaking partners will select the two finalists that will compete in the Global Final Battle livestream on April 14:


Apiax (SWI)

Apiax provides APIs to transform government regulations, industry compliance regulations and other policies into digital rules for financial institutions such as banks, fund managers or fintech company. They create value by providing employees with instant compliance intelligence to any questions they have.

Solution: Their platform allows clients to manage their compliance framework purely digital and digital compliance rules which can be integrated into any application or business process within their organization.


ComplyCloud (DEN)

ComplyCloud is a specialized GDPR lawyer. They create value by enabling companies to comply with applicable law and ensure digital trust.

Solution: Their SaaS provides advice and documentation to companies to become and remain GDPR compliant. 



EAGLYS Inc.’s technology allows for processing over encrypted data, without ever decrypting it. They create value for customers and their clients by securing data and assuring privacy, while at the same time allowing the direct customer to have access to, exchange, and safely process data that would otherwise be inaccessible or heavily redacted. 

Solution: By enabling customers to process private data that they would not be able to access, or exchange previously, EAGLYS help them to widen their insights as well as customer base, while preserving the confidentiality of their clients in turn.


Facenote (ARG)

Facenote Selfie Wallet is a frictionless payment method to pay with your face at the stores you buy repeatedly like beauty salons, coffee shops, bars, convenience stores, gyms and shopping malls. Their technology is 100% privacy oriented and GDPR compliant.

Solution: Their solution envisions invisible payments for physical stores. Imagine entering a Starbucks, grabbing a coffee, say goodbye and leave, with the payment done in an invisible way, just by showing up (e.g. Uber).


fiskaly GmbH (AUT)

fiskaly GmbH is an innovative POS system for retailers, businesses, and PoS retailers — and everyone in between. They are tackling European fiscal legislations at the PoS – “cash-register regulations” – you have more than 25+ legislations to comply with, if you’re going to offer OTC transactions eg. at Uber. 

Solution: If a new legislative change occurs, their pure cloud-based solution is able to integrate the enforced technical security system into the PoS.



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Hyperion Technologies Ltd (UK)

Hyperion Technologies Ltd (KYC Hub) help firms mitigate the risk of financial crime using Artificial Intelligence (AI). They enable firms to know more about who they do business with, and gain an understanding of hidden risks and relationships that may negatively impact them (e.g. ethics, corruption) to mitigate risks of aiding crime inadvertently.

Solution: Their SaaS platform provides real-time verifications and alerts across 180+ countries with connection to financial crime information, sanctions lists, watchlists and other databases internationally with instant updates.


Lizuna (JPN)

Lizuna help eCommerce prevent chargeback and online fraud.

Solution: Their system uses several technologies that include Automation, Big Data, and AI, to quickly stop online fraud orders before the merchant loses money (e.g. shipping cost), resources (e.g. HR time) and their product.


RTSMunity (CZE)

RTSmunity is creating the most profitable e-sports betting odds on the market, utilizing machine learning and quantitative modelling.

Solution: By utilizing our AI models and machine learning, they are able to achieve profits over 10% — which is more than double the industry average.


SPIN Analytics (UK)

SPIN Analytics automate credit risk management and regulatory compliance for financial institutions and corporations through an AI-driven platform.

Solution: The company’s software Riskrobot implements credit risk models development and maintenance by leveraging predictive analytics, AI and ML techniques on big data, thereby drastically reduces time and manual effort, boosts efficiency and helps clients to increase the accuracy of their forecasts (US) enable organizations to develop, test, and deploy intelligent automation solution.

Solution: They enhance operational productivity for large banks and financial institutions by increasing the adoption rate of AI based automation.


Ü Impact (GER)

Ü Impact provide sustainable investment as a service for fund providers and banks. By increasing transparency of sustainable investment products for individual investors, Ü Impact incentives the private sector to fund the transition to a sustainable and low carbon world. 

Solution: They enables users to invest the right way – grow their wealth & make a positive impact.


We’re keen to see which of these leading ventures will secure a place in the ring at the Global Final Battle on April 14. Vote here for your favorite unconventional solution financing the future before 6 March 2021.