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We kick off the first ever virtual Global Meetup with the dealmaking day featuring the leading impact ventures in the Food & Agri, Energy Chemicals and Materials track. These ventures are the winners of various Get in the Ring events that have taken place over the last calendar year. Here are the 25 startups selected for dealmaking meetings with our selection of investors, corporates and governments and the chance to compete at the Global Final Battle livestream on April 14:


Plastic Back (ISR)

Plastic Back converts plastic waste (back) to crude oil and other valuable chemicals – back to its original form. They create value in waste and are working towards reducing landfills, ocean dumping and burn sites in an economic and environmental-friendly manner.

Solution: Their innovative technology, based on chemical oxidation, is used to attack the plastic polymer and break it down to oils, waxes and other valuable chemicals. 


Cellugy (DEN)

Cellugy create a bio-cellulose material to replace fossil-based plastic. Their product, EcoFLEXY, is the next-generation sustainable barrier coating designed for the packaging industry.

Solution: They use biofabrication to produce advanced bio-cellulose materials, partnering with packaging and chemical companies to enable circularity in the end-of-life as an alternative to conventional materials. 


BioTrem (POL)

Biotrem make innovative products from wheat bran.Their production facility offers a wide range of fully biodegradable tableware and cutlery produced from natural and edible wheat bran.

Solution: Biotrem’s disposable products, made from wheat bran, are an excellent alternative to any disposable tableware, i.e. made from paper or plastic, which production is burdensome to the environment. Our production process does not require significant amounts of water, or mineral resources, or chemical compounds.


QPinch (BEL)

The QPinch heat transformer is a breakthrough heat pump for the process industries (petrochemicals, food & beverages, paper & pulp).

Solution: Their heat transformer helps save over 50% on energy bills for process heat by capturing it, transforming and delivering it as new energy, recovering over 50% of it.


DigiFarmz (BRA)

DigiFarmz is a digital platform based on data that combines climatic information, cultivar genetics, sowing dates, disease biology, location and other parameters, helping farmers, agronomists and consultants in the most intelligent management of soybean.

Solution: The platform guides you on what to use, when to spray, how many sprays to be carried out and on resistance mitigation strategies. The DigiFarmz’s database (crowdsourcing + field research) allows optimizing resources and investments on the best field practices, reducing the impact over the environment and maximizing the crop yield.


FutureFarms (IND)

FutureFarms provide turnkey solutions for large scale precision farming projects – to individuals, companies, and governments. These include making leaf stations for hydroponic cultivation, air buckets for deep water culture, water soluble crop nutrients, growth media like coco peat, rock wool cubes, perilite, etc. 

Solution: A comprehensive approach that includes consultancy services, farm design, hydroponic feasibility studies, agronomy training, and operation.


Imagination Garden Inc. (KOR)

Imagination Garden Inc. provides smart farm solutions from simple IoT automation to turn-key plant factory installation. They also cultivate on-demand plants for special purposes, working with various pharmaceutical and functional food companies.

Solution: They  supply smart farm facilities and also operate 6 independent plant factories, manufacture various vegetables and medical crops, working with restaurant companies and pharmaceutical companies. 



The OPT/NET AI Engine empowers users to rapidly build AI Solutions that deliver real-time insights on any time-series data without a dependence on training data.

Solution: Unlike typical AI approaches, our AI Engine eliminates the need for time consuming labelling tasks and model building. Instead, it builds on a simple pattern interpretation exercise that fits seamlessly into existing workflows from day one.


Daika Wood (ISR)

Daika’s technology will lead to the creation of formulations for machines to digitally fabricated wood products. Current wood fabrication uses hazardous materials, requires large storage spaces for stock materials, non digital fabrication, personalization requires labor and equipment. 

Solution: Daika developed a new material which is 100% natural. Although wood is one of the most loved raw materials, it’s ability to be shaped is limited. It’s a solid and therefore can’t be molded. Daika overcomes this challenge and allows wood materials to be extruded, molded or printed. 



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FreezeM (ISR)

FreezeM makes insect farming sustainable, steady and scalable by providing ready-to-use BSF eggs or neonates to rearing facilities worldwide.

Solution: In order to make a true impact and replace existing components in animal feed, insects have to be produced at an industrial scale, all year long, and in a stable manner. FreezeM is developing novel technologies that will enable it to create for the first-time stocks of ready-to-use suspended neonates and frozen eggs – a solution corresponding to agriculture seed production.


LOOP Mission (CAN)

LOOP is a circular economy project created by like-minded dreamers sharing a common goal: to put an end to food waste. 

Solution: They give value back to rejected food by transforming it into products like cold pressed juices and smoothies, sparkling water, beer and spirits, soap and seaweed.


eAgrar (CRO)

eAgrar is a system that enables remote monitoring of agriculture fields thanks to IoT devices and data analytics.

Solution: eAgrar sensor devices are ready to set up without the need for any additional infrastructure. The sensing device has the ability to measure temperature, humidity and air pressure, humidity and soil temperature, and leaf humidity.


Spectrolytic (GBR)

Spectrolytic enable data driven decision making based on spectroscopic sample analysis.

Solution:  The need for a lab analysis of samples in industrial, food or medical application causes delays, inefficiencies and additional costs. Spectrolytic sensors products move the established analytical method of Mid-IR (Infrared) spectroscopy, out of the lab and into the field, providing real time analysis anywhere, anytime.


Kraftblock (GER)

Kraftblock is a high performance heat storage system to decarbonize industries like steel, glass and ceramics and help renewable energies to have an eco-friendly, cost-efficient and highly scalable, modular thermal energy storage system. Kraftblock reached the Global Meetup 2021 on account of being a finalist at Get in the Ring Berlin – Impact.

Solution: Kraftblock’s thermal energy storage is tailored for two broad scenarios that can strongly benefit from the high energy density of their system and the modularity and flexibility of our concept. Both Industrial Waste Heat and Electrical Power can have a big variation over time and can be improved by using a storage system for stabilisation.


Wasser 3.0 (GER)

Wasser 3.0 offers solutions to detect, remove and reuse microplastics and micropollutants from waters. Wasser 3.0 earned their ticket to the Global Meetup 2021 on account of winning Get in the Ring Berlin – Impact.

Solution: Wasser 3.0 gGmbH enables new levels of environmental and health protection in (waste) water treatment by combining high-tech materials, low-tech processes, and a systemic perspective under the umbrella of our microplastic and micropollutant strategy – detect | remove | reuse.


SolarDew (NLD)

SolarDew’s solar desalination products provide clean drinking water from saline water for families and communities. SolarDew earned their ticket to the Global Meetup 2021 on account of winning Get in the Ring Netherlands – Impact.

Solution: SolarDew offers a new solution for producing clean drinking water from virtually any source of polluted, contaminated or saline water. Their solutions are simple to install, easy to maintain and affordable for families, households, or small communities.


Vertical Future (GBR)

Vertical Future is an agriculture technology business, designing, building & licensing advanced hardware & software systems on a global scale.

Solution: They empower people and businesses to grow food in a more sustainable, secure, efficient and effective way – closer to the point of consumption and with a lower environmental footprint. They do this through combining our advanced hardware and software solutions with years of growing experience, high-class team, and innovative programme of cross-sector research.


Bioextrax (SWE)

Bioextrax are a BioBacteria-based platform technology for production of environmentally friendly materials, including protein and bioplastics. 

Solution: They have patented processes through which we can convert various organic waste/by products (such as molasses, used cooking oil, etc) into the biobased and biodegradable plastic PHA. They also get a co-product from the PHA production process in the form of hydrolyzed single cell protein which can be used as food or feed. 


InVictus (LCA)

InVictus is a climate adaptation company whose main focus is smart ocean technologies.

Solution: Their ‘LifeClub’ is a mobile desalinator which converts seawater into potable water without the resultant Brine effluent which is so detrimental to the marine ecosystem.


Nihon Agri (JPN)

Nihon Agri is a farm operator developing and operating controlled environment greenhouse suited for tropical climate in Asia, using less energy.

Solution: Affordable and clean energy controlled environment greenhouses for value-add produce such as strawberries.


AdditiveFlow (GBR)

AdditiveFlow is a product optimization software for end-to-end innovation and manufacturing.

Solution: An optimisation software that takes in the physical design domain and optimises material and performance relationships. They have globally recognised award winning features to address the multi-scale data sets affecting designs and manufacturing decision-making.


Les.Scientists (MKD)

Les.Scientists make molecular gastronomy for the masses.

Solution: They will make Molecular Gastronomy accessible by partnering up and creating a franchising network of producers and distributors. 


AquaBattery (NLD)

AquaBattery has been developing an innovative battery that stores electricity solely using water and table salt in a 100% sustainable way.

Solution: Developing a novel sustainable type of energy storage by using purely water and table salt for storing the energy. To do so, they make use of membrane technology, which has various other applications as well (e.g. drinking water production, food purification, acid/base production).


Tondo Smart (ISR)

Tondo Smart is a smart streetlights solution that lets cities manage their lights for energy savings and offer an open IoT platform for smart cities.

Solution: Tondo is an end to end smart street lighting solution that lets cities control, manage, and monitor their street lights for dramatic savings in energy and maintenance costs. As an open IoT platform, it lays the foundation for future applications and solutions, empowering cities to address multiple challenges through a single unified network Tondo turns every streetlight into an IoT Edge Gateway. 


Elestor (NLD)

Elestor makes the Hydrogen Bromine Flow Battery, which stores electricity at 2-3x lower costs than conventional batteries.

Solution: Elestor BV has developed stationary, industrial electricity storage systems, based on the Hydrogen Bromine Flow Battery principle. With a worldwide patented design, Elestor introduces a highly scalable product, featuring storage costs per kWh far beyond what is achieved with conventional technologies.


Which of these ventures fueling the future will advance to the Global Final Battle on April 14? Vote for your favourite solution here  before 2 March 2021.