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After an enthusiastic kick off at Get in the Ring Singapore Workforce Augmentation earlier in September, the next destination of the five-city Workforce Competition is Toulouse. With plenty of successful stories in the Internet of Things and Aerospace Engineering fields, the upcoming French innovation hub boasts a great launchpad for startups with innovative solutions related to health and safety. Without further ado, we are proud to announce the 5 finalists that are looking to prove their solution and beat Workforce Augmentation challenge in the Toulouse region:

MOTEN Technologies

What They Do: MOTEN Technologies provide an innovative decision-making tool for the prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders by equiping workers with their custom sensors to objectively measure their physical workload.

Why their solution matters: They assist companies and their workers to reduce occupational hazard through specialized consulting services and guide safety managers towards the implementation of appropriate solutions.

New Motion Labs

What they do: New Motion Labs develop and license revolutionary designs for Mechanical Engineering, creating lasting partnerships with other startups, manufacturers and OEMs. Their first product, DUAL ENGAGEMENT™, is set to make the old-fashioned roller-chain obsolete, and promote the modern belt-drive.

Why their solution matters: Their DUAL ENGAGEMENT™ is a revolutionary method to transfer power on both sides of the tooth, leading to many advantages over the roller-chain, such as a 4x increase in system lifetime, the ability to transfer 25% more torque at same size and weight, a decrease of peak stresses by 30%. This enables the use of smaller, lighter materials with greater lifetimes.


What they do: Terabee builds sensor modules in the following technological areas: range finders, lidar, radiofrequency, thermal and 3D cameras and Time of Flight. They also develop a wide range of sensor based solutions for People Counting, Smart Buildings, Mobile Robotics, Industry 4.0, Smart Retail and COVID19 mitigation.

Why their solution matters: Their solutions protect the privacy of individuals, can be easily installed and integrated, require low power consumption and provide real time actionable data with the support of experts.


What they do: WearHealth improves worker safety, health and productivity by monitoring workload and correlating it with operations using wearables and Artificial Intelligence.

Why their solution matters: They help companies to save costs and increase productivity by empowering workers and augmenting occupational safety and health monitoring.


What they do: M-Cador develop smart cameras for the manufacturing industry to automate visual inspection tasks using computer vision and support operators in their complex and tedious tasks to increase productivity.

Why their solution matters: They use techniques like synthetic data and data augmentation in order to develop fast and robust solutions instead of relying only on real word data which can take time to collect. Their tailor-made frames enable the installation of cameras in dusty environments (construction), tough environments (e.g. foundry), under the chassis of trains, and on tractors


Congratulations to the shortlisted startups! VOTE for your favourite leading French workforce solution from December 1 to 8 and help them reach the Get in the Ring Global Meetup.