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On December 11, Get in the Ring emerged from Toulouse, where we’ve witnessed five outstanding solutions that are looking to rise up to the Workforce Augmentation challenge. After extensive jury deliberations, we’re proud to announce that MOTEN Technologies and Maxime Projetti will represent France in the five-city competition.

What They Do: MOTEN Technologies leverage data and ergonomics to assess the physical workload using sensors that characterize the biomechanical risk factors at work.

Why This Matters: Maxime’s company enable organizations to improve working conditions. They assist companies and their workers to reduce occupational hazard through specialized consulting services and guide safety managers towards the implementation of appropriate solutions.

Last, but not least, a big thank you to our Champion Jury members: Julien FredonieJonathan Bainée and Rafael Aldon, for their insightful deliberations.

With this win, the French startup will be connected to industry leaders and will receive access to investment opportunities to test, scale and accelerate their solution.

After Toulouse, the next stop is Get in the Ring Hyderabad – Workforce Augmentation. Head up to the VOTING page and let us know which is the most promising Indian solution related to health and safety for blue collar workers.