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Exoskeleton systems, wearables, augmented and virtual reality systems, audio support systems, collaborative robots, communication tools and drone technology could become part of your daily job very soon, if it has not already. Humans have always looked for ways of maximizing their work using tools, from crafting spears a couple of hundred years ago to what is known today as workforce augmentation.

Workforce augmentation is a term used to describe technological innovations which are used to optimize the worker. These technologies are transforming the way that workers function. Technology has enabled workers to work faster and more efficiently, while simultaneously reducing the strain on their bodies, and making the workplace environment safer.

This year, the Global Meetup 2019 will explore the trends shaping workforce augmentation. Currently, the industry is booming, but it comes with some challenges. How to improve capabilities and efficiency and how to make the workplace safer, for instance.

Check out some of the startups already making a difference in the field and that will join our Future Session, led by Gaurav Genani, from Skelex.

1 – Warp Industries

Warp industries is transforming the way that we learn. By utilizing virtual reality technology, Warp is enabling their users to enter virtual learning environments wherever and whenever required, using their mobile devices. Whether it is an emergency situation and you need to perform CPR, or you’re learning how to undertake tasks at a new job, Warp allows you to train anywhere without the cost of travelling.

2 – Deepset

Deepset is a machine learning agency focusing on natural language processing (NLP). Their system is built upon the latest developments in AI research, and is able to comprehensively and clearly unlock the value from text and conversation data. Deepset’s technology is able to classify and summarize documents, as well as extract information and perform cognitive searches (finding relevant content, not just keywords).

3 –  Zapiens

4 – Octavic

Octavic provides flexible industry 4.0 solutions to address manufacturing challenges. Their services include the gathering of real-time data from machines and people, production optimization, and data visualization. Completely flexible and adaptable to any industry, Octavic enables their clients to reach new levels of efficiency and bring their processes up-to-date with industry 4.0 potential.

5 – Exovibe

They are developing advanced next-gen wearables to monitor, support and amplify the inherent abilities of the human body. Their softskeleton technology and sensor suits exist out of flexible materials. They provide full mobility, maximum ergonomic support and live statistical data to improve both your business and the people. They currently offer our solutions for the logistics sector.

6 – Intespring

Intespring has developed the Exobuddy, which is a military exoskeleton that is able to support more than 50% of the soldier’s load, thus reducing pain. A unique feature of the Exobuddy is that no additional batteries or actuators are needed. Exobuddy’s patented technology converts the forward motion of the soldier into a supporting power, reducing heavy-load to light-weight.

7 – Guardhat

Guardhat is an intelligent and connected safety system programmed to reduce human error. It can save lives by addressing the leading causes of accidents. It saves insurance expenses and costs due to lost time by reducing the number of accidents and its severity, and enhances preventative maintenance and enables real-time communication with frontline workers.

Global Meetup 2019

The Global Meetup 2019 will bring together 150 startups from several different industries. Alongside 350 corporate innovators and investors, they will explore the future of these industries and create real business opportunities for everyone involved. Would you also like to be there? Check out the website.