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Wednesday, September 15. Singapore 🇸🇬Toulouse 🇫🇷, Hyderabad 🇮🇳, Eindhoven 🇳🇱, Munich 🇩🇪, Boston 🇺🇸 – In the last 6 months, we’ve been all around the world unearthing the next big solution in the domain of workforce technologies which has the most potential to make physical work safer and healthier. With the Get in the Ring Workforce Technologies Competition, we’re working with the industry to create a future where physical workers are the athletes of tomorrow. The moment to award the first-ever Get in the Ring Workforce Technologies Competition winner is here.

🔴 or 🔵 – two innovative Workforce Technologies, both with a common goal of making physical work safer and healthier. It’s the battle between AR (Augmented Reality) and AI.

🔴 In the red corner, we had Spiral Technology and Konstantyn Shyshkin. Spiral Technology delivers a Mixed Reality (XR) and AR platform that helps technicians work 30% faster with lower error rates.

Why This Matters: The mixed reality platform works on headsets like Hololens and provides visualization of hidden structures, step-by-step inspection or maintenance instructions while doing automated quality assurance in the background.


🔵The blue corner is represented by WearHealth and Esteban Bayro-Kaiser. WearHealth helps companies to improve worker safety, health and productivity by monitoring workload and correlating it with operations using AI-powered wearables. 

Why This Matters: Companies can save costs and increase productivity by empowering workers and augmenting occupational safety and health monitoring.


🏆 After an intense pitch battle showdown, the champion jury was most impressed by WearHealth‘s capacity to combine AI and IoT to empower organizations to reduce mistakes, accidents, and absenteeism by providing them with an easy and effective way to continuously prevent risks caused by human factors. Congratulations to WearHealth for emerging as the winning solution of the Workforce Technologies Final! Their technology could be a safety and health companion for workers all over the world.


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💳 At Get in the Ring, everyone is a winner – a knockout blow in the Ring paves a path to an investment. Congratulations to the Get in the Ring Workforce Technologies finalist Spiral Technology for raising funding from Unknown Group! Read the entire story by pressing HERE

Last, but not least, we’re grateful to our champion jury members who joined us to test and scale workforce technologies. For their support towards the finalist by providing relevant connections, incredibly useful feedback, and offers, we’d like to thank: Barthold Veenendaal (Senior Vice President Innovation@Edge at Schneider Electric), Lene Hviid (Global Manager Shell Research Alliance & GameChanger), and Melehat Atakan (Innovation Project Manager Sales Europe MB at Schüco International KG).

Have you missed the premiere? Watch it here:


Coming up in the Workforce Technologies competition, our next season starts with Tel Aviv! Israeli startups developing solutions that are able to make work safer, healthier and more productive can scale their technologies by applying HERE.