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The Get in the Ring European Impact Competition, powered by ImpactCity and Unknown Group, has reached its final destination: Copenhagen. With events in The Hague, Berlin, Lisbon, Geneva, and Oslo, we aim to unearth the boldest impact makers that are holding the key to meet the growing needs of our population, within the planet’s limited resources. To make it happen, we are connecting founders with industry leaders, investors, and governments to successfully bring innovations to the market. After witnessing inspiring solutions from the biggest innovation hubs in Europe, now it’s time for Danish startups to grab the global spotlight and scale their impact. From 2012 to 2019, Denmark has been consistently ranked by the World Bank as the best country in Europe for ease of doing business. Standing out for its outstanding support to new technologies, Copenhagen itself is known for having the highest density of businesses, as well as the biggest pool of private and public sector researchers in Scandinavia. We’re excited to present you the 13 most promising startups from Copenhagen that are ready to solve food, water, and energy challenges:



AmiNIC ApS is developing and commercializing a handheld sensor that measures freshness, and predicts correct expiration dates of meat and fish.

They make an impact by replacing costly, faulty or subjective solutions like microbial analysis, rule of thumb, and human smell used by the industry today. Current methods result in overcautious behaviour and excessive waste of high value and highly polluting products. Their solution can potentially save 7% of greenhouse gas emission from food waste.

Aqua Naturae AS

Aqua Naturae develops ecological technology solutions which help communities across the globe to restore ecosystems and manage waste water flows by mimicking nature’s already existing methods.

They create subscription models for farmers, river restorers with module based applications, and bi-products from access biological waste products. In comparison with conventional methods which are chemical and energy intensive, they make an impact by using less energy while sequestering CO2.


BRØL is a beverage food tech company developing circular solutions that are pioneered as the world’s 1st circular brewery. The company’s craft beers are designed and brewed using 2x less energy, up to 50% upcycled local organic ingredients, less water, 30% less CO2, 90% recycled glass.

Their impact: Their circular solutions minimize Food & Beverages (F&B) waste, produce the most sustainable beer and other non alcoholic, functional beverages.

Exowave ApS

Exowave is a CleanTech company with the vision of making fresh water and clean energy available for everyone. The company has developed and patented a wave energy converter (WEC) that is low-cost, highly efficient, fully modular and scalable, based on a submerged, robust and simple design that ensures extreme survivability and easy maintenance.

Their impact: The WEC generates hydraulic energy that can produce freshwater by adding a reverse osmosis system. Additionally, it can also generate green electricity by adding a hydro turbine.


FaunaPhotonics is a company creating breakthrough technology within agricultural pest management and insect monitoring systems.

They make an impact by improving the health and performance of agricultural insects, and thus tackling the growing demand for food arising from the increasing population on the globe. The Volito is set to improve biodiversity through better practices around usage of pesticides such as reduced usage, and by providing a biodiversity index tool that enables better understanding and mapping of insect populations.

Hydract A/S

Hydract is developing a patented water hydraulic technology which is Industry 4.0-ready.

They make an impact by reducing the energy/CO2 emissions by more than 90% compared with pneumatic technology. Precision and reliability reduce waste in Food & Beverages (F&B) production. Inline mixing enables late product differentiation / Just In Time (JIT) and on-demand production, which will give F&B producers a competitive advantage and avoid over- and under production.


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Innoscentia AB

Innoscentia has developed a number of ink compositions with the ability to measure gas concentration within a food package. The gas concentration has a direct correlation with bacterial growth, and can therefore provide an indication of the freshness of the product.

With their inks, they make an impact by producing dynamic shelf life labels for food packaging with the ability to provide fact-based information of the status in real-time. Their first generation of labels are developed to be applied to fresh meat products.


Lupinta is an R&D-driven food company, using Lupin as the core ingredient.

They make an impact by collaborating with local farmers in a holistic matter to find innovative methods to use lupin as an alternative to soy protein. Soy protein is not always sustainably farmed, and it needs to be imported into the Nordic countries adding to carbon footprint via transportation. Their product is clean and innovative with potential to develop into other new plant-protein options.


Responsibly is a data pipeline that centralizes and harmonizes your responsibility data to empower procurement and sustainability teams.

Their impact: They are unlocking the impact of the global procurement power, by enabling to evaluate how responsible suppliers are, and use it as a direct parameter to select suppliers on. This creates an incentive for suppliers globally to become more sustainable and across impact parameters in environment and social.


Seasony is enabling vertical farming with robotics. Their mobile robot “Watney” takes care of all internal logisitcs and monitors plant growth while providing a base for all kinds of automation modules for harvesting, pruning, cleaning, etc..
This gives farmers significant cost savings and allows for a data driven operation.

Their impact: They provide farmers with cost savings, allow data driven operations, and support sustainable agriculture to become profitable.

Thinai Group ApS

Thinai Group delivers practical products and services using sustainable technologies. They are building a connected system that forms the foundations of circular economy via product lines that are ethically and sustainably produced. The company is taking full life cycle accountability and integrating the data directly accessible by consumers through Hyper-Mesh Block Chain of Misai Mark to deliver a growing database of sustainable resources.

They make an impact by building a connected ecosystem that is open source to enable circular economic framework. Thus, their solution is incentivizing sustainable choices through Misai Eco Impact integration in all their products throughout the supply chain, sustainable practical products that are produced ethically with full treatability, IRN – a database and market place of eco-resources, upcycled resources and a robust logistic network market place – and by delivering essential products according to basic needs agenda.

Vaquita Technologies

Vaquita Technologies is developing a sustainable technology that measures the levels of toxicity and pollution of water reservoirs. Their innovation is able to make water cleaner, safer, and less polluted for everyone.

Their impact: They are solving the problem of manual water sampling by introducing a fully automated station with self-cleaning features, which is self-powered by renewable energies. Their station can be customized to the stakeholders’ needs and read the measurements remotely in real-time.

Wavepiston A/S

Wavepiston is harvesting waves energy and use it for power production and desalination (e.g. potable water).

Their impact: Their solution is based on renewable energy from waves to deliver power to grid and clean water, ultimately resulting in a large reduction of carbon emissions.

Many congratulations to the 13 selected startups! All unconventional solutions, led by visionary founders. After exploring business opportunities with leading corporates, investors and governments during the dealmaking day on June 10, the best two startups will compete in the ring for the title of the most promising Danish impact solution. Together with the winner of the public voting campaign, both impact makers will advance to the Impact Final in The Hague, and move one step closer to a convertible loan of up to €500k.

Already have a favorite solution? Support them to reach the Impact Final by casting your vote between June 10-17!