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Health Competition

Over time medical advancements have increased the human life-span, eradicated lethal diseases and improved our quality of life drastically. But even so, there are still communities in the world with insufficient medical care available when it's needed the most. Unknown Group is dedicated to finding the most promising solutions to tackle this subject head-on.

Via the Health Competition 2020 we aim to find the most promising solutions and innovations in the health and health-tech fields. Startups are invited to prove their solutions and beat the challenge.

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The Health Competition is hosted by Unknown Group. Together with our industry partners we aim to find the most promising innovations and breakthroughs in the Health & Care sector and give them a stage to prove their solutions.

Discover where to find the most promising startups for Health Competition






Discover where to find the most promising startups for the Health Competition

Health Competition Startups Winners

In every challenge and event, startups who prove their potential and beat the challenge become the winners. We believe these startups from around the world are heroes for what they try to achieve with their innovations.

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