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For the third year in a row, we have partnered with the municipality of Rotterdam to turn this city into the national healthcare hotspot. Last year, we had Challenges with Maasstad Zienkhuis, Erasmus MC, Traumacentrum and Gemeente Rotterdam. This year, we are eager to repeat the success and provide promising startups with an opportunity to pilot their products, network and make valuable connections.

These Challenges are all about making access to health easier and more attractive for everyone, patients, doctors, children and families. Culture Amp, MINDD, dr. Switchboard and Behandeling Begrepen were the winners in 2017, and they were all happy about the opportunity and the Health Innovation Day. They had meetings with the healthcare institutions and entrepreneurs, and participated in workshops on the identification and formulation of challenges and successful collaboration.

We talked to Olchert Vels, from Behandeling Begrepen, to find out what had changed one year after his victory and learn more about his project. His startup developed an SMS reminder for an appointment, followed by a link to a video with specific information for that appointment on the mobile phone. At the end of the video, patients can access information about their consultation and respond to questionnaires. According to him, this makes patients less afraid of treatment and ‘no show’ numbers fall.

Olchert also explains that this gives hospitals more control over the patients’ information at relatively low costs and what is also relevant is that no new platform needs to be developed, they make use of the existing ones. “By winning the HIC we developed a new concept: getting the right information at the right time with the patient. We also got quite a lot of exposure and new business leads”.

HIC 2018

This year we have new opportunities for innovators looking to disrupt healthcare in creative and new ways. With the Health Innovation Challenge, we are inviting startups, SMEs and healthcare institutions to collaboratively find solutions to health challenges.

The four Challenges this year tackle health from many different perspectives. Not only physical well-being, but also mental and social. Enver is looking for innovators that can develop a software for a robot called Luna. The purpose of Luna is to aid families in raising their children and improve the relationship between parents and their kids.

Kinderplein is a medical centre that provides healthcare for children and adolescents with learning problems, behavioral problems and developmental delay in a multidisciplinary team. And now they want to improve the way they streamline internal data and questionnaire processes.

Dermahaven specializes in the field of general dermatology, skin cancer and inflammatory diseases. Together with Erasmus MC, they are looking for innovative connection platforms and solutions in the field of machine learning and data analysis that provide insights in the referral process of family physician (huisarts/GP) to specialists, and supports the learning ecosystem in the field of dermatology.

And finally, het Sportbedrijf wants to make sure that every resident of Rotterdam lives close to a good, clean and safe sports location, they need solutions in the field of virtual and augmented reality to make sports accommodations more modern.

We at Get in the Ring are committed to the mission of making Rotterdam the national hub for healthcare. So join us in this ambitious plan and let’s build the city of the future together.