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After seeing heroes from all over the world that are driving innovation by fueling, financing, and caring for the future at the Global Meetup 21, we find ourselves at the final Dealmaking Day.  Today is all about the most promising solutions that are building the future. From Somalia to Colombia to France, here are the leading ventures that have made a mark in our Global Startups Competition in the Logistics & Mobility and Construction & Manufacturing industries. Together with a global network of investors, governments and corporates, the shortlisted startups are exploring collaboration opportunities to test and scale their solutions. Join them to solve pressing challenges by casting your vote here and help your favorite solution to grab the global spotlight at the Final Battle livestream on April 14:


Authentise (GBR)

Authentise enable distributed manufacturing, so that industrial facilities around the world can keep on going efficiently and protect jobs.

Solution: Through their connected operations management software, they enable efficient and agile production facilities. The contextual data is not only used to turbo charge local operations, but also to determine its place within the value chain: spare capacity, part production status, and more.


OBE Power (USA)

OBE Power is building a smart and distributed ecosystem of EV charging stations.

Solution: Access to a charging amenity is one of the key factors that drive consumers to go electric or not. They offer EV Charging as a Service (EV CaaS) at little or no cost to hosts which include municipalities, companies, and family units.


Spiral Technology (USA)

Spiral Technology deliver augmented reality platform that helps technicians work 30% faster with lower error rates.

Solution: The mixed reality platform works on headsets like Hololens and provides visualization of hidden structures, step-by-step inspection or maintenance instructions while doing automated quality assurance in the background.


Green Basilisk (NLD)

Green Basilisk add value to concrete through an innovative Healing Agent that make concrete more sustainable and durable by giving it self healing capabilities.

Solution: Concrete is responsible for almost 10% of the CO2 footprint yearly. Their self-healing concrete needs less maintenance, has a longer lifespan, and is easier to apply.


Additive Flow (GBR)

Additive Flow create intuitive physics-driven generative software for multi-material additive manufacturing.

Solution: Their software facilitates product and manufacturing decisions by clarifying the complexity of physics, materials, engineering and business requirements — while balancing sustainability, cutting product and manufacturing costs, and improving performance.



GOMECANO connect mobile mechanics with customers that need vehicle repairs or servicing.

Solution: Through GOMECANO, customers get a quotation and book appointments online fast with a network of qualified mobile mechanics.


Soluciones Logisticas Virtuales (COL)

SOLOVI offer logistics solutions for the development of technology-based cargo transportation activities and operations.

Solution: Through the FleteYa platform, they maintain a permanent connection between transport companies, load generators and truckers, guaranteeing safety and optimal cargo movement. Their technology improves the life quality of truck drivers by increasing the efficiency of the processes of transportation companies.



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LexaTexer (GER)

LexaTexer is an AI-IoT, data driven software-hardware platform that builds enterprise-scale AI-IoT applications to digitize heavy industries such as utilities and manufacturing.

Solution: They provide all essential functionalities to build and scale AI-IoT solutions, like integration of sensors data, integration into legacy systems, AI driven analytics, security, compliance and scalability.


Everlog (BRA)

Everlog is tackling the inefficiency of shippers in transport management.

Solution: They have a scalable transportation management software solution, covering the entire transportation process, such as a Freight Sourcing that connects carriers to optimum logistics providers. A delivery management platform that allows carriers, shippers and end customers to track and monitor their deliveries in real time. And a Freight Audit Recovery solution, automatically reviewing each type of shipment for accurate billing.


Blue Oasis Technology (PRT)

Blue Oasis Technology provide ocean recovery and revitalisation solutions by using civil engineering and offshore knowledge building large scalable engineered reef structures.

Solution: Their engineered reefs are designed to counter climate change, habitat biodiversity destruction, and inequality. Every reef they deploy absorbs blue carbon, generates oxygen and life, and builds sustainable local economies.


WearHealth (GER)

WearHealth help companies to improve worker safety, health and productivity by monitoring workload and correlating it with operations using wearables and AI.

Solution: Companies can save costs and increase productivity by empowering workers and augmenting occupational safety and health monitoring.


Dhaweeye (SOM)

Dhaweeye is the largest E-service company for Somalia, it provides taxi service, food delivery sevices, E-commerce and other services.

Solution: They meet community needs by constantly updating their platform with solutions under the form of services. For example, they tackled the need for safe and cheap taxis through a booking service.


Circularise (NLD)

Circularise bring transparency to global supply chains and enables businesses to become circular.

Solution: They help OEMs and Manufacturers to trace raw materials from source, into parts and ultimately to end products. By digitising materials on blockchain, Circularise is able to create a digital thread through the whole supply chain. It’s innovative technology enables companies to show “good-stewardship” practices towards customers and regulators on a public blockchain system, at the same time maintaining control over information that gives them a competitive advantage.


Omniflow (PRT)

Omniflow provide sustainable smart city solutions.

Solution: Their smart lamppole, powered by wind and solar, can retrofit existing streetlight converting them into a sustainable smart pole that can house multiple added value services, like: 5G/LTE Small Cells, Computer Vision, IoT Gateways and Audio Speakers.


Sagar Defence Engineering (IND)

Sagar Defence Engineering develop high-speed, long-range unmanned marine surface vehicle (UMSV) for the Defence industry.

Solution: They are providing an efficient autonomous system solution for the collection of maritime & oceanic data in real-time. The solution puts no human life at risk, reduces OPEX (operation expenditure) by more than 60%, and CAPEX (capital expenditure) by 45%.


Who will deliver the virtual knockout at the Global Final Battle on April 14? Vote here for your favorite unconventional solution building the future before 18 March 2021.